P4I865PE Plus hyper-threading problem

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by clapperhead, Feb 23, 2006.

  1. clapperhead

    clapperhead Guest

    I have the P4I865PE Plus, XP sp2 professional, nvidia 128mb, PATA and
    recently have tried two P4s with hyper-threading, a 2.6ghz 512/800 and
    a 2.8ghz 1M/800. Both cause pretty much random BSOD with various
    errors. Most common is the win32k.exe *08E. Garanteed to fail with
    game "Generals: Command & Conquer", fails often enough with just
    firefox and sometimes various progams will just quit with no event log
    post. Can run stable for 2 days then... bam.

    I have successfully used several other agp cards, ddr, hdd and
    processors with varying caches/fsb with absolutely no problems, but
    none with an 800fsb. Have run diagnositics on ddr and harddrive, used
    them and agp card with other mobos... fine. Tried different ddr with
    lower ratings, reinstalled XP, updated ALL drivers, turned bios
    hyperthreading on/off, yada yada... still same problem with a
    hyper-threading cpu.

    Done searches on BSOD errors messages, most seem to think it's a driver
    incompatibility. Yet drivers work fine with other processors and
    components. Don't know how to debug and seems like it would take
    forever to track error code A to minidump B and verify with C then
    reinstall D... and see if that works.... ahhhhh. If anybody can help
    it would be appreciated.
    clapperhead, Feb 23, 2006
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  2. clapperhead

    Hotshot Guest

    I've a DELL Dimension 4600 that suddenly died (blown MB an
    processor). These were replaced and I have had BSODs every da
    ranging from one or two, to 5 or more and no real pattern as to why
    I removed every bit of hardware and checked all drivers an
    reinstalled windows - no change

    Three days ago, I decided to disable Hyperthreading and since tha
    time the computer hasn't rebooted once

    I haven't looked any further into this, but it could be a startin
    point for your machine. :
    Hotshot, Mar 5, 2006
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