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Price Shopping...Or Not

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by tbabes, Aug 18, 2003.

  1. tbabes

    tbabes Guest

    Now that you've done all the research and know what you want to
    purchase, it's time to pull the trigger. What do you do, is it all
    about price, or are there other factors. When are you willing to pay
    more to purchase at a local store, including that dreaded sales tax.

    My preferred online shopping sites are in order:
    1) shopper.com
    2) pricegrabber.com (I really like that they calculate the shipping
    and sales tax in the price calculation, really nice feature)
    3) yahoo shopping
    4) pricewatch.com (rarely use)

    There are quite a few NY based merchants on these search engines that
    are price competitive, and many times have these very high shipping
    charges, and even with these shipping charges these guys are sometimes
    price competitive. Though I don't have any first hand information I
    always get a shady feeling from these guys, and would tend to steer
    away, plus the fact that I'm in NYC I would pay sales tax so I avoid
    completely. I guess what I am saying is that in my book, not all
    online shopping sites are created equal.

    If I'm interested in picking up at a local store I'll compare online
    prices (and judge the total cost differece) vs. local stores
    bestbuy.com, circuitcity.com and compusa.com as well as really nice
    NYC merchants jandr.com, datavis.com and bhphotovideo.

    As for me, all else being equal and especially for a big ticket item,
    I still prefer to see and touch it before buying. It would be tough
    for me for example to puchase a notebook computer sight unseen. How
    does the screen look, how does the keyboard feel, are the palm rests
    warm to the touch..., these are all important factors in my purchase
    decision. And while you can find much of this information in these
    online forums, I prefer to use this type information more as a
    guideline than as a final determinate.

    Now if I judge the local vs. online price difference to be great
    enough, I'm not against going and seeing locally, and then later
    purchasing online.
    tbabes, Aug 18, 2003
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