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Re: Anyone using the On Board Video of an AMD 780 or 790 Chipset

Discussion in 'ATI' started by GTS, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. GTS

    GTS Guest

    "Wookie" <> wrote in message
    >I was wondering how users liked the on board video of the AMD 780 and 790
    > In the hybrid crossfire with a 3450/3470 it would appear to be pretty
    > good - not as good as an individual 4850 though. I was going to build a
    > computer for one of my kids using a 790 GX chipset and a Tri Core Phenom
    > and they play a lot of Sims2 .. would just the on board video alone play a
    > game like the Sims2 or would it need the hybrid crossfire .. or is better
    > to get a MB that doesn't have onboard video and just get a decent video
    > card?

    The 780 & 790 are ideal for HTPC use - they can cope easily with 720/1080
    HD. Most buyers of the 780g are using them for this purpose. It works out
    cheaper than a mobo + separate HD video card, plus low power consumption &
    low noise level.
    If only occasionally used for games, the on-board graphics are fine for
    games like half-life 2 and UT2003. Tom's Hardware pitch the 780g graphics on
    the same level as an Nvidia FX5900
    And as I have both, I think the comparison is spot-on.
    However, if you add a 3450 or 3470 in, you loose any price advantage, 'cos
    you could get a cheaper mobo and a better video card like the 3650 (ddr3)
    for about the same. You loose the low power consumption and maybe the low
    noise. For some idea, the 780g using onboard video gets a Vista overall
    graphics score of 3.5. Adding a 3450 bumps it to about 4.3.
    I like the 780g - it is suberb for an HTPC using the onboard graphics,
    especially if paired with a Phenom (B3). But if you want a more
    games-centric PC, better value to get a mobo without onboard graphics and a
    better video card.
    GTS, Aug 28, 2008
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