Re: Best Athlon MoBo for Full Sized Tower with Temperature Sensor and Case

Discussion in 'Intel' started by Ruel Smith, Feb 12, 2005.

  1. Ruel Smith

    Ruel Smith Guest

    Thomas Collins Jr wrote:

    > I'm in the planning stages of buying parts to build a Athlon 64
    > computer. Only dealing with x86 & Celeron up to this point need some
    > advise and opinions on the best parts (reliable) to buy.
    > What I'm looking for is not bleeding edge technology but a fast
    > reliable computer for everyday use and will be running XP Pro. As to
    > graphics I don't play games, only Real Flight Simulator which requires
    > a 3d 128MB Graphics card and >1.3GHz CPU speed (32 bit program). But
    > I do want the best that I can afford.
    > For cost, I have $3000 to spend and want the following:
    > AMD Althon
    > 2 200GB+ Raid Drives SATA
    > EIDE ability to use my 3 Disk Drives Western Digital 250GB,
    > PlextorCombo 20/10/40-12A, Plextor 712 A/SW.
    > Built In Lan (Optional, I have a 3Com PCI Card)
    > 256MB Graphics Card
    > Full Sized Case with Temperature Sensor/Readout
    > Motherboard with at least 4GB Memory and Bios/Temperature Sensor
    > 400+Watt Power Supply
    > TV Tuner Card
    > Ability to run two Monitors up to 19" either VGA or DVI
    > Thats my list so far...any comments or suggestions to checkout would
    > be appreciated.
    > Most of my computing is Programming/Web Surfing normal stuff...but I
    > like to run 3-5 programs at one time in the background.

    Okay... Here's my question: Do you like to upgrade here and there, or will
    you be building a complete system from the ground up when you upgrade.
    Specifically, I'm curious about the graphics card. You see, you may not
    want the latest/greatest hardware necessarily, but you might want to
    upgrade to a new graphics card down the road in another 2 years or
    something, without upgrading your system to do it. I think that AGP
    graphics cards are going to go the way of PCI graphics cards in the next
    couple of years. If I'm right, you'll be hard pressed to find many AGP
    cards on the shelves that aren't low budget by then.

    If you go the AGP slot route, take a look at this nForce 3 Ultra board.
    They're canceling the nForce 3 Ultra chipset, so get them while they last:

    If you want to go the PCI-express slot route, take a look at this:


    Registered Linux user #378193
    Ruel Smith, Feb 12, 2005
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