Re: BH6 and ISA scanner interface card SF-600CC

Discussion in 'Abit' started by Guest, Dec 30, 2008.

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    "Shalom Septimus" <0m> wrote in message news:...
    > I'm running a BH6 here for my desktop. (1537 MHz Celeron at the
    > moment, don't ask...) What can I say, why replace old technology if it
    > still works.
    > Now I've gotten a hold of an ancient scanner, a SPOT Technology
    > Fototak-12, with a proprietary interface card, designated SF-600CC. It
    > came with a CDrom, but beyond that, documentation on this thing is
    > unavailable, the company having gone bankrupt in 1998. Their website
    > ( has been held by one domain squatter after another
    > since about mid-'99; old versions come up in, but not much
    > info is forthcoming.
    > I tried to install the card. Machine will not boot, gave me "BIOS ROM
    > CHECKSUM ERROR" and starts looking for the floppy drive, I have no
    > idea what it expected to find there but I haven't got any bootable
    > floppies at the moment so I just shut it down and pulled the card.
    > When it came back up, the CMOS was also pooched, so it reverted to
    > defaults and I had to reset everything.
    > There are jumpers on the card which change the memory address. Default
    > is D0000. Options are E8000, E0000, D8000, C8000. All the above give
    > me the same error, except C8000 with which the machine fails to even
    > turn on.
    > I can't find too many references to this on the net, except one post
    > from someone back in 2003 having this same problem, and nobody had a
    > solution for him (beyond "You need to throw out that card as a lot of
    > similar problems have been reported on all sorts of boards", which
    > isn't very helpful).
    > There don't seem to be any settings in the BIOS for reserving memory
    > for individual cards, or at least I can't find any. All I can find
    > regarding individual memory addresses has to do with shadowing, which
    > is disabled for all but video memory.
    > Is there anyone out there who both still remembers the BH6, and also
    > knows how to set it to work with this card?
    > (I probably still have my old Mtech M406 486DX5/133 somewhere, but it
    > doesn't make much sense to me to rebuild an entire computer, with an
    > early-90's ma inboard, just to use a 10-year-old scanner with. I'd
    > rather spend a few hundred dollars and get a more modern scanner if I
    > had to, but since I already have this, it would be nice if I could get
    > it working.)
    > Thanks, all.
    > Shalom

    It would be up to the motherboard and card manufacturers to resolve
    this bios conflict, and there's zero chance of that happening today.

    You can try turning off all bios shadowing options (video bios at C000,
    system bios at E000 etc) on the BH6, but it may not help.
    Guest, Dec 30, 2008
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