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Re: Has anyone had a problem with their LCD monitor waking up from its monitor sleep?

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Tom, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. Tom

    Tom Guest

    In news: you wrote:

    > I checked my updated Windows XP Pro. SP3 (IE6)'s event logs and
    > nothing odd about this. I was able to connect to my computer remotely
    > with SSH connection and it wasn't frozen. I just couldn't wake up the
    > monitor. I tried killing ccc.exe too, but that didn't help. Is there a
    > way to restart the video driver's signal or something? I checked thc
    > video cables too and nothing helped. I did a psshutdown -r -f with via
    > SSH and was able to see my screen after the computer reboot.

    I've had that problem before, but it has only happened three times and
    the most likely cause here was the F@H GPU client crashing the card.

    When I returned and couldn't wake the computer up with the mouse and
    realized that the computer itself hadn't crashed, I did the memorized 6
    keystrokes that reboot a Windows XP computer. Once a restart had begun,
    the GPU once again displayed the normal booting sequence.

    Lately the problem I've been having is that, while the Display
    properties have both the "Blank" screen saver and the monitor shut-off
    enabled, the computer fails to start the screen saver or shut-off the
    monitor in their allotted time.

    I'm using WinXP Pro (SP2) with a ATI HD3850 and v9.1 of the ATI drivers,
    with no CCC installed. The monitor is a Samsung 971p.

    Sorry, not much to go on.


    Tom, Oct 17, 2009
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