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Discussion in 'Packard Bell' started by metronid, Jan 15, 2006.

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    "metronid" <> wrote in message news:...
    > "Claire Rand" <> wrote in message
    > news:Xdgyf.1361$...
    >> Hi.
    >> I hae recently been given a pair of PCs to fix by family, the desktop is
    >> now
    >> running smooth (I nuked XP and reinstalled from an actual boot disc, not
    >> an
    >> 'image' type recovery disc).

    > _________________________________________________
    > __________________________________________________
    > I use disk imaging for my collection of boot disk.
    > I have been writing boot disks for some time now
    > Not only do I use disk imaging but that is how the major producers
    > catalogue them
    > When donloading disk imaging assures that you will be formatted if
    > approriate and ready to go
    > ________________________________________________________
    > ______________________________________________________
    >> then to the laptop, which had 'lost' its dvd drive, well after getting
    >> rid
    >> of everything by sonic systems and the pxhelp20.sys drive filter problem
    >> its sort of working, but the cd/dvd is somewhat erratic, it will *not*
    >> read
    >> an xp disc (I have several, non work) it will read a SuSE 6.1 disc fine,
    >> everythime. a Suse 9. DVD never reads, various other discs work just
    >> fine.
    >> the system however will *not* boot from *any* cd, i just get a message
    >> about
    >> the cd being non-bootabl, which it definatly is.

    > _______________________________________________________________
    > _______________________________________________________________
    > I also write bootable cd,s as floppies are becoming a thing of the past
    > A true Windows XP CD is a bootable Cd (if it is true and not a copy)
    > I can only validate truth
    > ____________________________________________________________
    > ____________________________________________________________
    >> basically I'm trying to wipe this machine and reinstall from scratch. I
    >> have
    >> a network connection to another machine and read the XP disc, so i can
    >> copy
    >> files over, but i can't nuke the current install, since i can't boot
    >> anything else.

    > _____________________________________________________________
    > _______________________________________________________________
    > Can the unit be wiped clean
    > Yes that can be made to happen
    > You could even go as far as to wipe the unit clean except for a folder
    > that contains a copy of XP
    > and made to boot from C drive
    > Can you borrow a USB CD drive ?
    > Have you ever used partition magic
    >> The laptop has no floppy drive, thus i can't boot from that, i have no
    >> idea
    >> how to boot from usb, and i'm not sure my usb mp3 player is suitable
    >> anyway.
    >> does this sound like a hardware problem? the bios sees the drive fine, it
    >> registers the disc fine, it just *won't* boot from it, no matter what
    >> boot
    >> order is set.
    >> my feeling is that it's something setup in the bios to only boot from
    >> certain types of disc, with certain images present, but a flat refusal to
    >> read an XP install disc (genuine one at that) is a bit odd when it reads
    >> other discs. i'm wondering if anyone else has had this probelm. and if so
    >> is there a cure?
    >> the machines apparently under warrenty still, but when my mate took it to
    >> pcworld.. well lets just say they told her it was a 'disc drive problem',
    >> unny since they didn't even look at it from what i hear. Does she have to
    >> go back and be a bit more forceful?
    >> i'm lothed to give up on this if its a software problem, aftr learning
    >> all
    >> about drive filters, and how to get rid of them... just to get xp to even
    >> see the drive again..
    >> ARGH.
    >> any ideas?
    >> --
    >> Claire Rand

    metronid, Jan 15, 2006
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