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Re: Need to find an application that will convert LPT1 output into aUSB printer drive

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Bob Villa, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Bob Villa

    Bob Villa Guest

    On Sep 13, 5:54 am, "Angelo Campanella" <> wrote:
    > Dear All:
    > I know this is ancient history, but it is a need that I face in the very
    > near future. I've been "computing" since 1982, and have accumulated a lotof
    > useful software throughout the years that serves my tecchie consulting
    > services very well. Much of that was DOS-based, rendering its output
    > directly to the printer via the LPT1 port into a parallel cable into the
    > same parallel connector input to the classic printers of days gone by.
    > One-by one such applications morphed into first image printing, then USB
    > feed only. Most of them I have been able through Windows to satisfy printer
    > output changes to the USB port. But a few applications, sometimes critical
    > to a report I am writing, still output to LPT1 for rendering.
    > To this date, I have been able to operate and maintain an HP6122 printer
    > that accepts both USB and a Parallel cable input. At the moment, that's the
    > only printer I have (a previous Canon USB printer gave up and was scrapped).
    > As I survey the printers available today, I find none with a parallel port
    > input, and certainly none that has desirable features (2-sides, etc).
    > I know that many softwares provide print-file outputs, often ASCII, that can
    > be opened and printed by Notepad, etc, and I do that as often as practical,
    > but there remains some stubborn applications, like instrument
    > readout-to-paper that I find no easy or practical way to avoid the LPT1
    > output result.
    > So what I need is a software item that will intercept the LPT1 data internal
    > to my PC (a T43 ThinkPad, now headed for obsolescence) and morph it into a
    > conventional USB printer output suited to the HP6122 or any other printerI
    > must buy in the future. I would think that Windows XYZ should be able to do
    > that in its sleep, but Microsoft has not thought of that yet, I guess.
    >     Any Suggestions?
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    Would this work for you?
    Bob Villa, Sep 20, 2010
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