Re: Old Gateway Essential Flexatx----thing. Locking up

Discussion in 'Gateway' started by Postman Delivers, May 26, 2008.

  1. JohnF explained :
    > This is one of those SFF comps with an Intel/Brookings mobo. Anyway,
    > it's been working fine but I added a wireless PCI card and now it locks
    > up after a while. I tried all the newest drivers for the wireless card
    > as well as the mobo, including the video drivers, but still the same
    > results. If I disable the wireless card and the comp seems to work just
    > fine but when I enable the card the comp locks up after about 15-30 mins
    > whether I'm using it or not. If I'm using the comp when it locks up I
    > get a blue screen and a "hardware malfunction" error. I tried moving the
    > wireless card to the other slot too, no difference. I emailed the card
    > maker for help but nothing so far. Oh, I bought 2 of the wireless cards
    > so tried both of them with the same results. I have these same cards in
    > 2 other desktops here at work and they do fine.
    > These wireless cards are incredibly cheap, I paid $6.95 at Fry's
    > Electronics last week in their Wednesday ad. They had USB wireless
    > dongles there too for the same price so I may just get one of those to
    > try.
    > This is just a plaything for me. It's small and I like it and plan on
    > using it at the house.
    > Other ideas??
    > JohnF
    > XP Pro sp2
    > Intel 667Mz
    > 381 MB
    > Airlink AWLH3028 wireless G 54mbps card

    Try it with a Linux live cd... and see if it will run longer...

    The live CD will not touch your hard drive, but will provide you with
    another look at this wireless card... If you have another small hard
    drive lying about, do an install for a real test... A method to look
    at the wireless card operating without messing with your windows

    KDE Mint, PClinuxOS 2007, Mepis7, and the latest Fedora9 are the Live
    CD I would suggest, one of them should configure the wireless card out
    of the box for you...

    I have installed a number of cheap Airlink wireless notebook cards
    (AWLC3026) in both Linux and Windows XP systems, Price was right at my
    local Fry's Electonics...

    I have not used one in a desktop, as I prefer a wired connection for

    JR the postman
    Postman Delivers, May 26, 2008
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