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Re: Possible issue with Zotac 9800 GT

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by Augustus, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Augustus

    Augustus Guest

    <> wrote in message
    > I've ordered and installed a Zotac 9800 GT in order to run FSX, and
    > right after installing 178.24 drivers (which came with the product) FSX
    > started crashing with `Fatal Error┬┤ message box (send / don't send
    > report). Have upgraded to 182.08 drivers and FSX is still crashing right
    > at the end of `Loading Scenery┬┤ progression box ( at 100% loaded).
    > Is it the video card? Should I order another brand? return the Zotac?
    > There were no crashes with the original 128 MB ATI FireGL card.

    Highly unlikely there's anything physically wrong with the video card. Very
    likely that in the switch from the ATI card that there's remnants of the
    Catalyst drivers causing the issues you are experiencing. One should use a
    dedicated driver cleaner (like this one from the Guru3D
    to completely remove the ATI drivers. Then reinstall with latest (182.08)
    drivers. Posting specifics about your OS and system also helps.....
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  2. Augustus

    Augustus Guest

    > Thank you.. this is very helpful. It's a Precision 670 as follows:
    > http://home.comcast.net/~flightsim/Dell_Precision_670.pdf
    > But it's been refurbished and fitted with new CPUs, HD's and RAM
    > 2x Intel 3.2GHz Xeon, SL7ZE
    > 2x Seagate 15k, 73GB U320 SCSI
    > 4x PC3200-1GB ECC RAM
    > Plus I added many more features post-delivery. Now please don't
    > start with how old and obsolete the system is because it works great
    > for me, and it can run FSX well enough with a nVIDIA 9800GT 512MB
    > card.

    The system should be fine for your needs....although the ECC DDR may be a
    bottleneck. Is this system running WinXP32? And did you simply remove the
    FireGL drivers via Add/Remove and install the Forceware?
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  3. Augustus

    Augustus Guest

    > The memory buss is 800 MHz and that isn't exactly cutting edge. The
    > OS is Win Xp Pro (32-bit) SP3. Yes.. I uninstalled the ATI drivers using
    > the Add/Remove Software from Control Panel, the uninstalled the ATI
    > hardware in Computer Manager, then powered down to install the 9800.
    > -ed

    ECC DDR2 is slower than standard DDR2....it has a parity module and is
    usually used on server boards. I suggest you use a driver cleaner and
    reinstall the latest forceware. See if it behaves.
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