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Re: Radeon HD 5970 2GB - the world's fastest graphics card is reviewed

Discussion in 'ATI' started by Benjamin Gawert, Nov 19, 2009.

  1. * William:
    [HD 5970]

    > The question I have is this: What would you want this type of power for.
    > Their are no games that can use this level of power. The only people who
    > would benefit from this are CAD/CAM and Graphics Processing professions.

    Certainly not. CAD/CAM doesn't require such a graphics card, most
    midrange and often even entry level graphics cards are just fine, and
    none of these programs benefit from XFire/SLI.

    Additionally, CAD/CAM users and "Graphics Processing professions" want
    graphics cards that support features needed for their programs like AA
    lines (which the Radeons don't) are certified for their programs and
    therefore couldn't care less about gaming cards like the Radeon HD5970.

    These users usually buy FireGLs and Quadros for a reason.

    > This stuff is going no where until the Gaming industry pulls its head out of
    > its butt and fixes things like DRM and returns to the "One Time Cost" model
    > verses the "Recurring Cost" of subscription service used lately. What a
    > waste of talent and money. And sales are down and we are in a recession,
    > and no one likes PC's for games and all that B.S.

    That's nonsense. PC games are still made and sold, and the PC gaming
    market is up and alive despite the constant "PC gaming goes down the
    drain" whining that regularly comes since over a decade. A midrange PC
    can do a level of graphics no console can do, and for a big part of
    gamers there is no alternative to PC gaming.

    Cards like these will sell, and even more they will attract the sales of
    smaller models.

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  2. * William:

    > What about rendering and ray-tracing?

    Are still mostly done by the CPU, and for the few programs that support
    GPU acceleration (usually via NVIDIA CUDA) professional users use Quadro
    or Tesla cards for that and not gamer cards.

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  3. * William:

    > I've got one word for you - "Slashdot". Here is another "Ars Technicia" .
    > They do not hold the opinion you express.

    To be honest I don't give a shit what they say, as in the past most of
    their "predictions" were crap anyways.

    > Nor do most of the
    > financial columns and pundits when discussing the future of console gaming
    > and PC gaming.

    Yeah, right. The same "financial columns" that not long ago told us that
    there is no credit crunch or any other economy problems.

    Reading fish guts is probably much more reliable than reading what all
    these "experts" that failed to see the the highly visible write.

  4. Benjamin Gawert wrote:

    > Reading fish guts is probably much more reliable than reading what all
    > these "experts" that failed to see the the highly visible write.

    I prefer tea leaves, less mess and far less smelly.
  5. * William:

    > So you're tired of cleaning up your dog's shit, and you lost money in the
    > stock market.

    I don't have a dog, and I don't invest in stocks.

    > Got it.

    I really doubt that.

  6. * Wile E. Coyote:

    > I prefer tea leaves, less mess and far less smelly.

    Hmm,..tea..Earl Grey ;-_)

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