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Re: Sun Fire V20z Fan Noise

Discussion in 'Sun Hardware' started by Bruce Esquibel, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Josh McKee <> wrote:
    > I have a Sun Fire V20z server that is incredibly noisy due to all six
    > fans running at full speed (15K RPM). Is there a way to control these
    > fans to a more reasonable speed? It looks as if there may be two models
    > of this system: one where the speed is not adjustable and a later
    > revision where the speed is adjustable.

    How are you determining they are all running full speed?

    Logged into the SP, do a "sensor get"

    All of the ones I just did a spot check on now are:

    fan1.tach 9840.00 RPM
    fan2.tach 9780.00 RPM
    fan3.tach 10320.00 RPM
    fan4.tach 10080.00 RPM
    fan5.tach 9540.00 RPM
    fan6.tach 10200.00 RPM

    give or take a few hundred rpm. I was under the impression that they were
    10K rpm fans anyway. I know when you first power them up, they do run faster
    (it's louder) then back off a little, but it is just a little.

    They are just noisy machines, made to go in a datacenter. Think I saw you
    can put 50 or so in a rack, can't imagine what that sounds like.

    Being they are just 1" fans to begin with, they probably have to run near
    top speed just to move any air at all.

    Bruce Esquibel, Aug 13, 2008
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