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The new Thinkpads at CES

Discussion in 'IBM Thinkpad' started by Sam Trenholme, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. Lenovo has announced a number of new Thinkpads at CES. Here is an
    overview of the models:

    Thinkpad Edge E520:

    This is a 15" Thinkpad edge laptop. Uses an Intel core processor (up to
    i7); like most of the new Thinkpad offerings, this uses the new "Sandy
    Bridge" Intel processors. Lenovo boasts of being able to boot Windows 7
    in ten seconds. Glossy lid.

    Thinkpad Edge E420:

    This is the 14" version of the E520. Weighs 4.6 pounds (2.1 kilograms).
    These two models will start at $599.

    Thinkpad Edge E420s:

    This is a 14" inch Thinkpad edge laptop. Matte lid. In addition to a
    normal hard disk, this device also appears to boot Windows 7 from a
    small built-in SSD that greatly speeds up boot time. An optical drive
    is included with this unit; I have no idea whether it will be possible
    to put a blu-ray in this computer. Uses Intel core. Will start at

    Thinkpad Edge E220s:

    This is a 12.5" inch Thinkpad edge laptop. This is quite compact; the
    machine is too small to fit an optical drive. It has a matte finish
    instead of a glossy one; I'm not sure if the screen will be glossy or
    matte. It uses an Intel core up to a Core i7. Weighs only 3.5 pounds
    (1.6 kg). Should start at $899.

    Thinkpad X120e:

    This is one of the new AMD-based "notbooks" that were announced at CES.
    The chipset is called the AMD Fusion E-series; it's a low-cost offering
    that AMD is making to have a stake in the netbook market. The chip is
    faster than an Intel Atom (somewhat faster CPU, much much better GPU)
    but is still inexpensive enough to be in machines slightly bigger and
    somewhat faster than your average Intel Atom netbook.

    The system weighs under 3 pounds (1.4 kilograms) and has a 11.6"
    display--just slightly bigger than a netbook.

    In terms of ports, the left side has a single headphone + microphone
    jack, an ethernet port, a USB port, and a HDMI port. The back has a VGA
    port and a plug for the power supply. The right hand side *appears* to
    have an SD slot, as well as two more USB ports. There is a built-in
    microphone and a (possibly hi-def) webcam.

    This machine will be available for about $400 in February.

    Some more information about the new Thinkpads:


    - Sam

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    Sam Trenholme, Jan 10, 2011
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