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Toshiba Protege 3500 for Student?

Discussion in 'Tablet PC' started by e, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. e

    e Guest

    I get around 2 hours or so. I do have the screen
    brightness set at a medium-to-high level so it is easy to
    see, keep the wireless card on since I like to be able to
    quickly hop onto the Net to check things, and keep the
    processor speed at medium-to-high since I've noticed that
    when I set it lower, there were annoying semi-freezes at

    Drawing diagrams is great. You can select the pen
    thickness you want and whether or not it is responds to
    pressure. The only downside I've seen in Word using it so
    far is that the eraser is set to erase whole strokes, so
    you can't just "touch up" a line.


    >-----Original Message-----
    >Hello E,
    >Thank you for your comments. To follow up, I have two
    >quick questions:
    >- You said you have yet to get 3 hours of battery life.
    >Does this include when you are "just typing"? (If not 3
    >hours, what time are you getting?)
    >- When drawing a diagram, what is the precision like? Is
    >it rather thick and rough like sidewalk chalk, or like
    >using a needle on a grain of rice?
    >Thanks again!
    >>-----Original Message-----
    >>I have yet to get even three hours from the battery. It
    >>is the one thing I am unhappy about. I did buy a second
    >>battery, but it is a bit of a hassle since you charge

    >>battery while it is in the tablet, and charging speed is
    >>rather slow. Yes, I could get an external charger, but
    >>the price on that is quite high for the utility. Also,
    >>standby mode is quite power-draining, so hibernate when
    >>not in use to save power / recharge faster. I've lost
    >>work a few times by going to standby on a Friday and not
    >>plugging it in over the weekend.
    >>For note-taking, you can use Word (with the tabletpc
    >>office pack) and add an ink drawing in the middle of

    >>document. Writing on the screen in laptop-mode has one
    >>thing to get used to - the fact that the monitor moves

    >>you draw - but I've down pretty well at getting used to
    >> -E-
    >>>-----Original Message-----
    >>>Hello All,
    >>>I am a university student looking to purchase a Tablet

    >>>for typing notes in class and checking e-mail. (I type
    >>>faster than I write and have used a laptop in class
    >>>before.) However, I found it very frustrating when it
    >>>came to drawing figures and charts in my notes.

    >>>in paint, then pasting in Word just doesn't work during
    >>>the middle of class!
    >>>I am looking at purchasing the Toshiba Protege 3500 to

    >>>all my note taking, and would like to know what current
    >>>owners think of their machines before I go out and

    >>>money that is equivalent to the price of a year's

    >>>A few questions:
    >>>Is the battery life truly 3.5 hours as advertised?
    >>>Is the Trident video card capable of dual-display (ie.
    >>>projector and laptop display)?
    >>>Or, would you think it best to purchase a Toshiba Tecra
    >>>S1 with 5 hours of battery life (and able to play

    >>>and stick to typing notes and drawing pictures, then
    >>>scanning them in later?


    e, Jun 29, 2003
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