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Twinhead VXe P88TE Windows XP works with sound !

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by WhatAboutBob?, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. Hey people,

    I just wanted to let anyone know that I have a Twinhead Slimnote VXe
    (model P88TE) that I have upgraded on my own.

    I upgraded the cpu from a Mobile Pentium II 366MHz to a Mobile Celeron
    466MHz (it uses a Micro-PGA1 a.k.a. uPGA1 processor package) without a
    hitch! I also installed a 6X DVD-ROM drive into the system, as well as
    a 20GB hard drive. I also maxed out the memory at 256MB... this thing
    is a speedy little machine now :)

    Now I ran into a problem where the system worked perfectly with
    Windows 98 and 98 S.E. but when I installed Windows 2000 the speakers
    were not working :( No matter what I tried to do they would not work.
    The drivers provided did not seem to work... or did they?

    I found out that the drivers are not optimized properly, there is a
    setting that you have to play with to set the speakers to either
    digital or analog, and analog seems to do the trick. By default the
    setting is set to autosense (autodetect) and that seems to be the
    problem... I think it is cancelling itself out somehow.

    Anyways... Windows 2000 worked perfectly, and I thought why not try
    WinXP to see what happens, because all the drivers for Win2K are the
    same for WinXP... well I am happy to say that Windows XP now runs
    beautifully on the Twinhead Slimnote VXe P88TE!!!

    Best of luck to you people!

    WhatAboutBob?, Dec 5, 2003
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  2. here is a step by step guide for anyone interested:

    1) Go into Control Panel, select System, then get into your Device

    2) Look on the list near the bottom for one of the options that says
    "Sound, Video and Game Controllers, and expand that

    3) Now look for something on that list that says "Creative SB AudioPCI
    (WDM)" right click it and select Properties

    4) Look for the "Settings" tab in the new window that has opened up
    from the previous step and select it

    5) Now in the Settings look for the "Configuration" section in the
    middle which should have a drop down box that says "Autosense" in it,
    change that to Analog

    If you follow this step by step and used the audio driver from the
    Twinhead website, this will work. Please let me know how it turns out
    for you.

    Cheers :)
    WhatAboutBob?, Dec 10, 2003
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