What's your best OC on KT333 DUP w/athlon xp 2200

Discussion in 'Soyo' started by the6carrules@hotmail.com, Dec 20, 2004.

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    I'm trying to find out what other's are getting when overclocking with
    the Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra Platinum when using an Athlon XP 2200
    (either A-core or B-core).

    I'm basically getting crap results. I used to have the A-Core, and was
    told that they were very poor overclockers. I was also told that the
    B-Core resolved all of the issues with regards to overclocking (ie,
    made them like the 2400 and 2600's are - good OC'ers).

    So to my delight, my A-Core stopped working and I sent it in to AMD to
    get a warranty replacement. Again to my delight, I received the B-Core
    as the replacement.

    I dropped it in, getting excited that I can finally do some serious
    overclocking, not just 100Mhz bumb that I got with the A-core, but
    nope. The B-core was actually worse.

    I got the A-Core stable at 13x150 and 13.5x148. The best I can get the
    B-core to is 13.5x141. It won't even post at 13, let alone 14+.

    So I'm now thinking that it is the Soyo KT333 board that sucks, but
    before I pass judgement, I wanted to hear what others are getting.

    And no it is not a heat thing that is preventing a good OC on my
    system. My CPU temps range from 32C-36C at 13.5x141 with the cpu
    voltage bumped up to 1.7.

    And no it is not a memory thing, I have Corsair XPS w/silver heat
    spreaders. All memory test indicate they are solid, and I've been able
    to run the system at "Turbo" and bump the memory up to 166Mhz w/o any

    So, again, I'm left with a poor OC and am trying to figure out where
    the problem is to see if it is worth spending a few bucks...on a new
    CPU (266mhz 2600+) or on a new mobo.

    (and no I don't wanna spend cash on a whole new rig: mobo, memory, cpu,

    Thanks to all of you with the same mobo (or the black version) and the
    2200. Please let me know what core you have and what your system
    components are (mobo, memory, cpu, psu).

    , Dec 20, 2004
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