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Transplanting motherboard on a Macbook

JF Mezei
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      06-11-2012, 07:46 AM
Transplanted a Macbook (2006 intel A1181 model) from one unit with
broken screen to one with broken motherboard. (for a friend)

It seems to work. However, the system serial number is blank, and it
doesn't fully recognise the battery. Battery works, but it has 0 serial
number and the laptop doesn't know its charge level.

(It is running Leopard). Snow Leopard cannot be installed on it.

Is there some small gizmo hidden under the optical drive which has some
serial number and when the system finds its own system serial number
doesn't match that of the gizmo, it becomes "null" ?

(I didn't dismantle the optical drive).

Or could this simply be a matter of resetting PRAM ? Anyone else seen
this before ?
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Robert Schaffner
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      06-11-2012, 03:58 PM
Am 11.06.12 09:46, schrieb JF Mezei:

> Or could this simply be a matter of resetting PRAM ? Anyone else seen
> this before ?

ASPs have a small software tools which wrot the (old) serial number into
the new logicboard... Thats the only one way


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