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Tyan S2882 Server Doesn't POST

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      12-22-2008, 10:58 AM
I recently bought a used server off eBay. It's a 1U rack server running on a Tyan K8S S2882 motherboard, dual AMD Opteron 246's (2GHz, Model: OSA246CEP5AL (C0)), 8GB RAM (PC2700,ECC,buffered), and 80GB IDE hard drive. I ended up paying a bit under $200 including the $60!! S&H. When I got it last week everything was fine. I did have to reattach the HS on one CPU since 1 of the 2 screws fell out during shipping. I ended getting MS 2k8 server std. x64 loaded and configured. Two days ago, I got VMware Server running. While I was setting up another 2k8 server in a VM, everything locked up on me. No numlock, no mouse, no anything...only a frozen screen of what I was in the middle of. I held the power button in and got it to turn off. When I tried booting it up again, it got stuck while posting. Right after a line stating "NVRAM Checked OK". I restarted a couple of more times, same thing. When I tried to access the BIOS setup, all I could get it to say is "entering setup", then it would stop at the same point it did before. I looked on AMI's website and found out that during post there's a checkpoint code at the bottom of the screen (doc's available on AMI's website). Anyway freezes at "0075" (BTW, it's in hex). According to AMI that is the checkpoint for: "Initialize Int-13 and prepare for IPL detection". After further searching and getting nowhere I tried resetting the CMOS. When I booted it up, now I don't even get that far. There's no video (monitor's not getting a signal), yet all fans are running and PWR led is lit. Interesting enough, it seems like the CMOS may have reset. I had changed the restore on AC loss setting to Always Off. After the reset it changed back to Always On.

I've tried reseating CPU's/RAM without effect. Also tried running with 1 RAM stick and 1 CPU...same results. I'd hate to buy a card to read POST codes only to find out the mb's shot. I may end up trying each CPU's and each stick of ram in my desktop's Asus board (SK8V). It runs a socket 940 Athlon FX-53 and also requires that wonderfully expensive buffered ram so providing nothing goes wrong it should work.

It does have the SMDC add-on (M3289) card. It says it allows "Out-of-band" remote access even while the system is powered down (but still plugged in). I'm not sure if it possible to connect considering I haven't configured it and now I can't. The 10/100 ethernet port does light when I connect and the card's led is lighting up. I thought maybe I'd be able to read the log file that the BIOS keeps. Just an idea...

My immediate dilemma is: where exactly does the problem lie, since I have a couple of options:
1.) The seller does have a 30-day guarantee, so I can return it (painlessly I hope); though shipping will be $35 min, which will probably not be refunded.
2.) Find a used Tyan S2882 and replace the board (and cross my fingers). I found one for $49+13 S&H BIN on eBay.

One other thing, it is possible something happened during shipping. Aside from the loose HS, part of the case was bent. It was obvious it happened in transit since that part had cut thru the box and was visible. I took pics (in case something happened). It was the edge of the front panel that extends further then the rest of the case (where the U-bolt looking handles are). There wasn't any noticeable damage to any components.

If anyone has some input or better yet experience with symptoms like these, I'd greatly appreciate it. Just an aside, is it very risky shoving potentially bad components into good MB's and visa-versa?? I've never broken anything yet...just wondering if anyone else has? If it turns out to be the MB (or at least in theory) does anyone have any input about whether or not it's worth trying to fix. It does have 8GB of ram and two Opteron 246's.


PS: I'd of put the links to various docs; however, it's not allowing me since I'm new here...oh well, at least they're easy to find.
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Join Date: Dec 2008
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      12-23-2008, 11:44 PM
I ended up pulling everything but CPU1 and a stick of ram, low and behold it started up up just fine. Apparently 2 of the 8 sticks of ram were bad...oh well at least that's better than a bad MB. Thanks anyway.
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