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      08-28-2007, 01:33 PM
I'm upgrading my pc this week and it's likely to be an Intel E6600, but I have no idea on the motherboard. My mates Core2duo keeps having blue screens and apparantly its due to the mobo chipset as some have problems with Core2duo's. My mate can't remember which chipset is the one that has no problems, but he said the mobos with that set are about ?100 plus. Sli would be nice, but I'm not too fussy as I only have one gfx card at the moment and a matching one is over ?120, and I will probably just wait and get a DX10 card when I have the money.

I'm limited to about ?250 for a chip, mobo and 2gb ram so I'm starting to think that an AMD X2 would be a better option as there doesn't seem to be the motherboard issue. 2gb of corair XMS2 ram is about ?52 in most places so that leaves me with roughly ?200 for the mobo and chip.

I usually buy stuff from ebuyer, but if you know of better or cheaper sites let me know. I may be able to get the bits at trade price, through a shop, but I still need to know what to buy.

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