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USB Attache 256 MB out of ink!

Jim Jones
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      03-23-2005, 01:27 AM
Hi, I bought a 256 Mb USB flash memory drive at Christmas, but
yesterday I had a problem - when I went to copy data onto the drive, I
got an error "Error copying file, Cannot create or replace [File]: The
system cannot read from the specified device."

I have also had blue screens saying "Disk write error, unable to write
to disk in drive e:. Data or files may be lost. Press any key to

It should have a capacity of 256mb, I get 247Mb useable space, but now
can only write around 120mb onto it before getting these errors.

I have tried re-formatting it, to no avail. Also I tried running
scandisk which said that it would "fix" the drive by marking the
clusters (31675 onwards) un-useable.

I haven't done any extra-ordinary with it, and haven't removed it
without first stopping it or shutting down the pc.
Is there anything I can try to get it going again? or do I need to
take it back, as I've only had it three months!

Any help welcome, Thanks.
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