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Using the "@" character in vsp session on a BL460c's iLO via ssh

Karsten Heymann
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      07-06-2009, 08:45 AM

I'm currently exploring the possibilities of managing HP BL460c blades
via the ssh iLO Access, especially the virtual serial port, to
administrate some linux servers. Most things work fine, but one small
but annoying struggle is that I cannot enter the "@" key in a vsp
session. All other characters seem to work fine, even special german
ones like . We use the german keyboard layout where @ is ALTGR+q,
and we can enter it on the iLO commandline itself. But inside the VPS
session entering @ works as "delete to start of line". On the server
side we use 'getty 115200 ttyS0 vt320' to create the serial console.

Any hints on this one? I already read c00263709.pdf and c00294268.pdf,
but could not find anything helpful. If any information is missing,
please ask, I'll try to provide it.

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Dennis Handly
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      07-21-2009, 02:09 AM
Karsten Heymann wrote:
> I cannot enter the "@" key in a vsp session.
> But inside the VPS session entering @ works as "delete to start of line".

I'm not sure this is related but on HP-UX, "@" is the default line kill
char. And you need to use stty to change it.
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