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Using SBLive with anotther sound card in Cakewalk HS2002

Andy L
Posts: n/a
      04-19-2004, 10:29 AM

Hoping a SBLive guru can shed some light on this:

I just picked up the SBLive to use soundfonts within Cakewalk. I
would like to just use it for SF and nothing else (kind of a separate
midi device itself). I have a TBS Montego sound card that I would
like to use as the audio in/out card.

When the SBLive was installed it seemed to take over Cakewalk and the
TBS doesn't even show up in the drivers list (under CW Tools-Audio).

I would like to just have the SBLive as a midi device for soundfonts
and have the TBS as the audio card (I have an outboard mixer with
several other devices going into the TBS card).

As I was troubleshooting I disabled the SBLive (OS is Win98) and when
I started Cakewalk the TBS showed up. Is there a way to make the TBS
the 'default' soundcard for CW? But still have the SBLive as just a
midi device.

I had this exact setup with the SB AWE32 card and had no issues. The
SBLive seems to have taken over Cakewalk for some reason.

Any help is appreciated.

Andy L
NAS Keflavik, Iceland
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