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VIA on-board SATA and add-in SATA problem - KV8 Pro

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      02-09-2007, 05:51 PM
Anyone found a add-on SATA card that does not 'eclipse' the onboard
VIA SATA with this mobo? BIOS settings are:
Advanced BIOS:
Hard disk boot priority - bootable add-in device (1st)
Bootable add-in device - On-board SATA Raid (I have 2 Samsung 160GB
First Boot Device - Hard disk
Second - Floppy
Third - CD

No IDE devices.

My add-in SATA card is an Adaptec ASH-1205 (SiI 3112 chipset). If I
plug anything (another hard drive, SATA DVDRW) into this card, the
POST does not even show the On-board SATA and I get a disk boot
failure. If I plug devices into the add-in card after boot, they're
rcognized by Windows and work fine. I just can't boot with them
attached. With nothing pulgged into the add-in, POST shows the add-in
SATA config first (showing nothing attached) and then shows the VIA
SATA Raid config. I have all the latest drivers and BIOS updates.
I've read of these same problems with VIA chipset add-in cards. So...
my question is has anyone gotten an add-in SATA card to work and if so
what card was it? Or am I just missing something in the BIOS?


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