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VSS440FX BIOS 1.00.11.CS1T OEM upgrade

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      02-13-2005, 09:13 PM
I read alot of these posts and I figured I would put this in the groups
since it is 2005 now. I spent about 2 wreckless days on this so here

I was trying to upgrade my BIOS for this old ass machine. The current
BIOS was 1.00.08.CS1T. Things to know here.

Intel BIOS upgrades are non-OEM. Meaning they have no "T" at the end
these wil not work. Unless you edit some files which I have don but it
never worked.

You need to go to this website:

This is the 1.00.11.CS1T upgrade.

You will need to have a boot floppy ready.

You will need to make a small boot disk using the mk_boot command in

mk_boot a:

this creates a mini boot disk for our BIOS updats otherwise the other
ones are too small for all of our files.

Run through the wizard once you boot off your disk with your files and
you should not see the error messages that have been preventing you
from no upgrading your BIOS.

Shoot me an email if you get lost or need more help im tired and

The bottome line here are 2 important things to remmember.

1. You need to use a CS1T file not a CS1 like intel issues out.

2. You need to make a small boot disk using the mk_boot.bat file if you
need help with that do a google search on how to do it. Basically there
is a and dos.sys file on your floppy and thats it. Good
luck and if anyone finds anything new shoot me an email.

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