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How well does "M-Audio Audiophile 2496" work with (EASport) games andmovie files?!

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      04-21-2004, 09:54 PM

I intend to get the M-Audio Audiophile 2496 for music production in
Cubase SX, but I was wondering how well this card works with games,
especially sport games like those from EASports (FIFA 2004, NBA Live,
etc..) which I like to play. Things is that I've read in reviews of the
Audiophile that since it doesn't have EAX, etc.. in its hardware -
unlike the Audigy - there can be problems with games. The problems
mentioned are:

- reduced framerates in games
- latency or even stuttering
- sounds that are being played wrong or are missing

Can anyone who has the Audiophile 2496 and also plays (EASports) games
tell from experience how well this card work with these games, like do
you get any of the above mentioned problems and do you get "smooth
gameplay/framerates", even when turning all whistles and bells on in
those games?! If you used to have an Audigy or something can you perhaps

Second, how well does this soundcard playback movie files (like DivX
movies) since these also contain audio ofcourse.

Finally, does this card have DirectSound in its hardware or not, as I
believe this can make a difference. In reviews they also mention that
"DirectSound is being implemented differently then with the Audigy".
What do they mean by that?!

Thanks in advance for all good feedback!

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