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Win 7 Can, XP Can't do AVIVO

Ed Light
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      01-31-2010, 09:50 PM
I got an ATI 4670 which rates high in video quality when the AVIVO
hardware is working on the picture:

But I never could get it to work right in XP.

In Win 7 it works fantastically.

To be specific, in Nero Show Time, if I enabled hardware acceleration,
which also enables the AVIVO features if they're switched on in the
video card software (sharpening, dynamic contrast, super good
deinterlacing), the picture would judder up and down a bit. In Win 7 it
is perfect.

I installed the latest ATI drivers and the Adobe 10.1 ver. 2 flash
player to try out the hardware acceleration for flash player. In XP it
crashed. In Win 7 it enables the AVIVO. I can now apply sharpening to
HULU and it's almost like a DVD at 480p.

In XP AVIVO doesn't work for Netflix but in Win 7 it does; the very
unsharp videos look great sharpened to 100%. The dynamic contrast puts a
glow on everything.

I'm assuming the situation is similar for nvidia's Pure Video.
Ed Light

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