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Windows XP install failure

Bill Stock
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      03-27-2005, 03:05 PM
I was trying to install a new printer for a family member, but I could not
get the driver to install. Nothing happened when I ran the setup. I copied
the CD contents to the HD, but this did not help. I checked the security on
the system partition and I noticed that the permissions on the subfolders
were not set properly. When I tried to reset the permissions, they either
did not stick or were set to something other than what I chose. I finally
got myself locked out completely. All I was getting when I logged on was a
vbCritical message box with no text and then I got kicked out of windows.

I tried to recover the backup configuration files with the Recovery Console,
but I kept getting Access Denied on the Repair directory. So I decided to
reinstall XP, but the install kept failing on Bootvid.dll. I recovered the
data I wanted from the Recovery Console on another PC and proceeded to
reinstall XP on the original PC. This time I did a complete format of the HD
and did a fresh install. Now it's failing on another DLL much further into
the install process. Three separate installs fail on the same dll. I've
replaced the CD-Rom on the PC and tried another XP disk, but I get the same
results. The PC passed a memory test and a SMART scan. I also did a surface
scan of the HD when I had it installed in the other PC.

The original problem looks like a Worm, but this PC was running NOD32 and a
complete format should have killed any worms. I'm currently running a
complete surface scan on the drive in the original PC and it seems to be
proceeding OK. Any thoughts on what to check next? I noticed that the fan
RPM on the power supply was dropping out when I was in the BIOS, but I
suspect it's just a smart fan.

BTW, no hardware changes were made on this PC since the original XP install.

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