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Wondering about retail computer system pricing...

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      12-09-2003, 04:03 PM
Is there a "formula" to retail computer systems pricing?

If I'm watching a computer system that is state of the art TODAY and
I'm waiting until it's not the latest greatest anymore and therefore
discounted, how long will I be waiting typically?

And are there tiers of discounting typically? (ie, first discount,
$100, then 2 months later $500 more?)

One last query: Long outdated systems for some reason, even after 3
years since their introduction, are selling (or at least put up for
sale) for more than full price on some shopping sites. This leads me
to think that there is a level of heavy discounting and then the price
springs back to it's MSRP, even though the technology has long since
been out of vogue. It seems to me that the technology would render
even a new machine ultimately value-less yet the data contradicts

If there are any experts out there that care to explain answers to any
of these questions, it would be appreciated.
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