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X342 Trying to get RAID controller working

Thomas Kenyon
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      10-16-2007, 10:13 AM
I have an eSeries X-342 with BIOS v 1.08 which I am trying to add an
Adaptec 3200S card (INT14, DPT, i960 PCI-PCI bridge-based PCI-64/33

On startup I get a BIOS error along the lines of PCI self-test failed.

Looking up the error code states that there is a PCI-PCI bridge issue.

Looking at the lights on the card tells me that the BIOS does not offer
the card any resources.

The card works in other machines.

If I have the card installed and boot up a linux Live system from CD
(KNOPPIX), then when the kernel starts, the card boots up.

I know I can make a boot-CD/pendrive for this system to allow it to use
the card and use the software tools from within linux to manage the
controller, but I'd rather I could get it to start up natively and use
the BIOS utilities.

Does anyone have any Idea how I can make the card work with this system.

TIA for any help on this matter.
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