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X5DA8 Driver CD Help Needed Please

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      11-08-2003, 04:19 PM
Hello Group

I wondered if someone could help me Please. I have the x5da8
motherboard and the supplied CD with the motherboard tells me its the
wrong CD when i try to install the drivers. I was supplied with the
CDR 006 revision 152 and even though some of the drivers do seem to be
working im getting multi audio controller, 2 PCI devices, 2 System
Interrupt Controllers and a USB Serial Bus Controller errors in the
device manager ( The little yellow circle with the ! in it ). I have
scanned the disk many times and i cant seem to find the drivers for
these devices. Any help at all would be wonderful. I have been to the website and found a large list of CDR images to
download and im not sure which one i would need for my motherboard. On
another not the fans on the 2 X 2.8 Zeon chips are making a low
throbbing pulsating noise which im sure you can imagine is rather
annoying and i wondered if this was normal ( Im guessing it might not
be ) and if there was a solution or new fan i could purchase to
replace them. As i said before any help you can give me would be
appreciated. Thank you for reading this .

On The Sea Of Infinite Tranquility
Sail On

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