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xSeries 345 & RHEL3

Tasslehoff Burrfoot
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      12-15-2006, 03:17 PM
Hi all, i've a problem with an IBM xSeries 345 and Red Hat Enterprise ES 3.
The xSeries 345 is a RHEL 3 certified server, so i've installed it with
this linux distribution.
Because this server will be used on a production environment exposed to
the internet, i've updated BIOS, Serveraid controller Firmware and SCSI
disk firmwares with IBM UpdateXpress 4.04, so the Serveraid Controller
was updated to version 7.12.

During install RHEL 3 use the latest Red Hat certified driver version
6.x (this is the previous version from IBM), I planned to upgrade the OS
driver with the floppy upgrade v 7.12 from IBM (if Serveraid Firmware
and OS drivers aren't aligned at the same version Serveraid Manager
gives many warnings).

But at this step i've found a problem, the floppy from IBM recognize
only RHEL 3 up to kernel version 2.4.21-27 and the latest RHEL 3 release
install kernel 2.4.21-47.
I can modify the floppy bash installer script or load the ips module
manually, but i want to use only certified components and procedures as
much as possibile.

Someone had the same problem or knows if IBM or Red Hat have released
the Serveraid driver for RHEL 3 for 2.4.21-47 kernel?


Tasslehoff Burrfoot
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