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Discussion in 'FIC' started by cmibjq, Aug 4, 2003.

  1. cmibjq

    cmibjq Guest


    UsenetZone ´£¨Ñ§¹¥þ§K¶O ªº·s»D²Õ¦øªA¾¹¨Ñ¨È¬w°Ï¨Ï¥Î,

    ¥»¦øªA¾¹¤§·s»D²Õ¼Æ¥Ø¶W¹L 100000²Õ, «D¨ä¥L·s»D²Õ¦øªA¾¹¥i¤ñ¸û.

    ¥ß§Yµn¤J http://www.usenetzone.com ¶}¤á
    cmibjq, Aug 4, 2003
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