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    I found a message similar to this one on a bulletin board recently and
    decided to give it a shot... A little while ago, as I was browsing
    through message boards like you are now, I came across an article that
    said I could make thousands of dollars within a couple weeks with a
    tiny investment of only $12.00!!! I thought, "This is just another stupid
    scam...," but I was curious and naturally I wanted more money, that
    resource we can't get enough of. So the post said that I was to send
    $2.00 to each of the 6 names and addresses in the article. Then you
    put your name at the bottom of the list at #6 and post the article in at
    least 200 newsgroups. That was it. I was really skeptical, but then I
    decided to try it just to see if it worked, because really, $12.00 is
    surely less than I spend on the lottery (I routinely buy $20.00
    tickets!). So it was just the $12.00 and 6 postage stamps. So I sent
    $2.00 to each of the 6 addresses and GUESS WHAT?!?! Within a week, I
    started getting money in the mail!!! I was speechless!!! And the money
    kept coming!!! In the first week, I got $53. On the second week, I got
    over 2,000 beautiful green dollar bills!!! Come the third week and I
    got almost $15,000! Now is near the end of the month since I started and
    I've gotten over $56,000!!! I'm thinking about renting a PO Box
    becausemy mailbox is full to the brim everyday!!!! I was more than worth the
    initial $12.00 and postage stamps!

    Are you still interested? Well, then print out this article right now
    and save a copy for reference. Then if you want to make some money,
    follow these steps very carefully, and you will be rewarded a

    This is NOT a rip-off. It is not improper. It's not illegal either. It
    has only a 1% chance for failure. What have you got to lose? It's only
    the investment of $12.00 and postage stamps.

    FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS EXACTLY: This program is so successful because
    of the integrity of its participants. Continue its success by strictly
    adhering to its instructions.

    GUESS WHAT?! Now you are a member of the Mail Order business. It's a
    $200 billion plus industry that's rapidly growing. Your product is not
    tangible; you are providing a service to other companies by developing
    mailing lists. Corporations pay huge amounts of money for people to
    make these lists for them, however, that money is secondary. The real money
    is from the people who ask to join in the mailing lists.

    Here are your 4 steps to success:

    Step #1: Get 6 separate pieces of paper. On each of these papers,
    "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST." Then write your name and address
    on the papers. Now get 12 US $1.00 bills and place TWO inside EACH of
    the 6 pieces of paper so the bill will not be seen through the
    (to prevent thievery), better yet, maybe put the bills inside a folded
    piece of dark paper before putting them in the envelope. Next, put the
    papers inside the envelopes and seal the envelope. You should now have
    sealed envelopes with $2.00 in each and a paper stating the aforesaid
    phrase, your name, and address. What you are doing is creating a
    service. THIS IS LEGAL! You are requesting a service and paying for
    If you have legal concerns or anxieties, call the US Post Office at
    1-800-725-2161 to check. They will tell you that it is indeed legal.
    Mail the 6 envelopes to the following addresses:

    1. Alberto José Anacleto Rosales, Asoc. Provivienda "San Pedro" Mz.B
    Lte. 35, aprox. a la Alt. del km 27.5 de la PANAM. NORTE (Paradero
    "FAMESA"), Distrito Puente Piedra, Código Postal: Lima 22, Perú

    2. Wilson X. Orbea B., Avenida Universitaria 550 y 18 de Septiembre
    Edificio VIPA, Of. 102, Quito ? Pichincha ? Ecuador.

    3. CONCEICAO Quintal: Av. San Sebastián, Residencias La Estancia B,
    Apartamento 1, Baruta, Estado Miranda, Venezuela, Codigo Postal 1080

    4. Elízabeth Viana. Calle Relente, No. 5, El Palmeral, Mojácar Playa,
    04638, Almería-España

    5. David Montero Soriano
    calle Literato Azorin nº 6 - 7ª codigo postal 46920 Mislata
    (Valencia) España

    6. R. Schmitz, Schoolstraat 207, 6041 GT Roermond, The Netherlands

    Step #2: Now delete #1 from the list and move all the other names up 1
    place (#2 becomes #1, #3 becomes #2, etc., etc.) and add YOUR NAME and
    ADDRESS in the #6 place. You don't have to put your real name in if
    you want to be anonymous, just make sure the address is right so the
    postman will deliver your mail.

    Step #3: Now use this copy of the article and post it in at least 200
    newsgroups, message boards, bulletin boards (There are millions). The
    more you post, the more people read your message and thus the more
    money you get!! Post like crazy if possible, because that is how you will
    makemoney... Propagating the message to other people who would like to
    sign up for this job.


    This program continues to be successful because of the integrity of
    its members and the careful adhering to its directions. Think of it this
    way, if you have integrity, money will continue to come your way.

    Step #4: You have to retain every name and address sent to you, on
    computer or a notebook. This VERIFIES that you are providing a


    As each post is downloaded and its instructions followed, six members
    will be reimbursed for their participation as Mailing List Developer
    with $2.00 each. By the time your name gets to the #1 position, you
    will be making thousands of dollars in hard cash. How great is this
    investment of $12.00!!!

    Begin now! Choose success! Remember, Procrastination is a Sin! Just
    add your name to the list and you're on the Mail Order Bandwagon!



    Step #1: You do not need to retype the whole post! Simply put you
    at the beginning and drag to the end. Next, select "copy" from the
    menu or right-click-COPY.

    Step #2: Next, save the copied text to a file for future reference.
    can use a text file (Notepad) or a Document file (MS Word). Then
    the first name and address in the list and move the others up one. In
    the empty #6 position, add your name and address.

    Step #3: Save your file so you can have it to look at if you decide to
    post in different sittings.

    Step #4: Use Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to search for
    newsgroups (on-line forums, message boards, chat sites, discussions.).
    recommend using a scour search site like www.Google.com,
    www.Altavista.com, www.Yahoo.com, www.MetaCrawler.com, etc. to find a
    discussion page. Just type "message board" in the search box.

    Step #5: Goto these message boards and post your message. Make the
    subject catchy so many people will notice it as they scroll through
    discussions. When you are done, hit the post message button. It
    takes about 30 seconds for each message post... That's it! Now just
    searching for more groups to post your message. The more newsgroups
    post in, the more money you will receive!!! Just remember to post in
    least 200 newsgroups. Within days, you will be receiving money from
    around the world!! You'll get so many pieces of mail that you'd
    even want to rent your own PO Box!!


    This is where the odds play out though. If just 5 people reply to my
    posts out of the 200 posts, I'd get $2.00 from each person, which
    $10.00 on level #6. Then those 5 people will post their own messages
    following the steps that were stated before. Then at the same odds,
    get 5 more people for each of the individuals who sent me money, and
    that makes $50.00 on level #5. Then at the same odds I'd get $240.00
    level #4, $1,250.00 at level #3, $6,250.00 at level #2, and $31,250.00
    at level #1. That's a total of $39,050.00 by the time your name gets
    dropped out completely!!! Then you can start all over again and resume
    your posts.

    Do you know how many thousands of people are joining on the Internet
    everyday? And how many people read message boards?! There must be
    millions! Do you think you can shell out $12.00 to see if this really
    works? Believe me, it will. Some people are thinking, "What if no one
    sends me any money?" Although this is rather slim, so what? It was
    only$12.00. Do you think there are others like you who are willing to give
    this a try? Sure they are, just as you have!! Yahoo! Internet Life
    reports that as much as 50,000 new Internet users sign on everyday!!!
    Remember, play FAIRLY and HONESTLY and this will really work... Then
    the money would keep on rolling so fast you won't even be able to count it

    RASCH, Feb 15, 2004
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