10.3.7 find file goes to never-never land?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by tom klein, Jan 11, 2005.

  1. tom klein

    tom klein Guest

    i am running 10.3.7 on a 466 mhz g4 with 386 mb of ram. the system is
    on an 80 gb barracuda, and most of my files are on another 120 gb
    barracuda, connected through an ata-66 controller card. when i first
    started running this setup a couple of months ago, everything seemed to
    work comfortably well. it doesn't set any speed records, but it's
    comfortably quick.

    recently, i installed, and uninstalled, a few questionable third-party
    applications and utilities. nothing nasty, just a few odds and ends
    that didn't work the way i wanted.

    but the problem is that now, a simple "find file" from the finder just
    keeps running forever, but doesn't find anything. (e.g. search for
    filename contains "system" on local disks runs for 10 minutes without
    finding anything!)

    i can't tell if my file system is hosed (disk utility and disk warrior
    3 can't find anything wrong on any of the 4 partitions), or if it's
    the system software (reinstalling is a whole bunch of no-fun if it
    isn't necessary). i have applied all the relevant system software
    updates to date. apart from the disk utilities, i also tried running
    the periodic system maintenance scripts, but that didn't seem to make
    any difference.

    can anyone offer any helpful suggestions or advice?

    ........ tom klein

    ps. please reply to the newsgroup. thanks.
    tom klein, Jan 11, 2005
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