10.6.5 or lower supporting USB modems?

Discussion in 'Apple' started by rarebit, Dec 8, 2010.

  1. rarebit

    rarebit Guest

    Tiger supported it after a few upgrades. Suppose that Leopard did too.
    Does Snow Leopard support the Apple or other USB modems? Occasionally
    like to use it and wondering if the software has been dropped in SL -
    any one still using a USB modem under SL? If so, which versions.
    rarebit, Dec 8, 2010
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  2. While I didn't use my Apple USB Modem with OS X 10.6.5, I did use it
    with the version of 10.6.4 that came with my mid-2010 model MacBook Pro.
    It should recognize the modem in the Network Location of System
    Preferences which is where you'd log the info.
    Thomas R. Kettler, Dec 8, 2010
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  3. rarebit

    David Empson Guest

    One of my clients is using an Apple USB modem with Snow Leopard, and
    I've used mine occasionally.

    My client's computer has developed a new problem in 10.6.5 which may be
    related to the modem. Sometimes when she shuts down the computer, it
    kernel panics, and each time the active process was "pppd" (which
    manages the modem). I haven't been able to establish a repeatable
    trigger condition, and haven't seen it on my computer (but I hardly ever
    use my modem, and usually sleep instead of shutting down). It didn't
    happen in 10.6.4.

    Apart from the panic during computer shutdown, the modem works fine.
    David Empson, Dec 9, 2010
  4. R'ugh R'oh. I've seen Mac OS panic like this when there was a problem
    with the SCSI driver back in 10.4 days. I was using a DAT tape drive
    connected to an Adaptec 2930U card. It was the last SCSI peripheral I
    got rid of so I could migrate from 10.3 -> 10.4. I got a FW tape drive
    to replace the DAT drive until that finally died as well. Now I just
    buy FW disks and use them with Superduper and Time Machine.
    Michael Vilain, Dec 9, 2010
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