10GB C: Drive Not Seen With W98 Boot Floppy

Discussion in 'Compaq' started by Dave, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. Dave

    Dave Guest

    A request for advice if I may:

    I recently acquired a Deskpro that I'm trying to clean up and set up for
    friends. No manuals, no diskettes, no CDs, etc. I planned to start fresh
    by wiping the disk clean and re-loading an OS. If I boot with a Win98 boot
    floppy the C: drive isn't seen, though the CD-ROM assigned as D: is.
    Reading other posts here I suspect it may be the 8MB BIOS barrier and
    perhaps I need an upgrade (the HDD is 10 MB).

    I've looked for a model number to use in searching for an upgrade and found
    only a barcode sticker on the back that began with the code "6014DW". Is
    this the model number or do I need look somewhere else?

    I also see this is a 600MHz Celeron based system.

    Not having done anything with a Compaq before, any thoughts and advice would
    be appreciated.

    Dave, Aug 10, 2004
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  2. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Correction. I don't know this is a 600MHz Celeron based system (confused it
    with something else I'm working on).
    Dave, Aug 10, 2004
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  3. Dave

    Tom Scales Guest

    Could be the BIOS limit (which would be 8Gb, not 8Mb), but it also could be

    1) Jumpered wrong -- should be Cable Select
    2) On the wrong spot in the cable - should be on the end connector
    3) Not partitioned and formatted

    Tom Scales, Aug 11, 2004
  4. Dave

    Dave Guest

    <g> Yes, I guess 10MB would be a pretty small HDD today.

    I should have mentioned that the HDD is working with an installed OS now,
    but I intend to start fresh with a clean install. It is seen and functional
    from Windows. Why it isn't seen after booting with a W98 boot floppy is
    Dave, Aug 11, 2004
  5. Dave

    mike Guest

    What's the current operating system?
    Unless it uses FAT16 or FAT32, your floppy won't be able to read it.

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    mike, Aug 11, 2004
  6. Dave

    terry_b17 Guest

    have you gone into setup and checked the size listed for the drive ?
    if it has ddo software installed it will be less than the 8 gb limit
    in the bios but after it boots the full size is available . a
    regular boot disk doesn't install the overlay so the drive is not
    recognized . you could also check the jumpers to see if they are set
    to special settings for the ddo software .
    hope this helps ,

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    terry_b17, Aug 11, 2004
  7. Dave

    Dave Guest

    It's Win2000.

    Dave, Aug 11, 2004
  8. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Thanks for the suggestions. BIOS shows 10GB. No special jumper settings.


    troubleshooting newsgroups.
    Dave, Aug 12, 2004
  9. Dave

    Tom Scales Guest

    Ah, W2K.

    Is the hard drive formatted as NTFS? Right click on the drive and choose

    If it is, the drive 'won't exist' to a W98 boot floppy.

    Tom Scales, Aug 12, 2004
  10. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I will look. If it is NTFS, what would it take to re-format it as FAT32?
    Dave, Aug 12, 2004
  11. Dave

    Tom Scales Guest

    Either a utility like PartitionMagic or you can reformat it with your W98
    disk. The latter would WIPE OUT the hard drive.

    Either way, back up critical information first.

    Tom Scales, Aug 12, 2004
  12. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Thanks Tom. I see it is NTFS, though I thought the drive would be
    recognized as existing when I booted from the floppy and that I just
    wouldn't be able to read anything from it. I have another system with one
    drive that is NTFS so maybe I'll boot it with the floppy and see if it
    behaves the same.


    Dave, Aug 13, 2004
  13. Dave

    Tom Scales Guest

    It will.....
    Tom Scales, Aug 13, 2004
  14. Dave

    Dave Guest

    Correct you are.


    Dave, Aug 13, 2004
  15. You have to use FDisk to remove the non-DOS partition, then you can
    create DOS partition. After the partitioning and reboot, you can
    format the drive. You cannot format an unrecognized drive. It has
    not drive letter.
    Earl F. Parrish, Sep 23, 2004
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