12 USB ports? I only have six!

Discussion in 'Epox' started by Brian, May 15, 2005.

  1. Brian

    Brian Guest

    I seem to have some sort of USB conflict. My board is an EPOX 8K5A2+ and I'm
    running Windows XP SP2. There are (allegedly) six USB 2.0 ports on this
    board: two are under the plugs for the keyboard and mouse, two are below
    that, and two (I think) are disconnected, but they were for the case front

    When I plug my iPod into any of the four rear ports, I get a message telling
    me something to the effect of: "This device can perform faster; plug it into
    one of your six available high-speed ports." Not sure why it thinks I have
    six available ports when I have the iPod and a printer hooked up to two of

    So I downloaded a USB diagnostics program, and it shows me that I have
    TWELVE (?!) ports:

    My device manager more or less concurs:

    In this case, I tried uninstalling the three VIA Rev 5 drivers thinking they
    were causing a conflict of some kind -- maybe piggybacking the six USB 2.0
    drivers (hence the twelve) with something slower. But when I rebooted, "new
    hardware was found" and they all came back. Everything looks good in BIOS --
    the USB settings match the fail-safe defaults.

    Any ideas what's going on here? It's driving me nuts. Thanks in advance.

    Brian, May 15, 2005
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  2. Brian

    Conor Guest

    Because you can chain up to 127 USB devices on each port therefore
    unless you actually have 127 devices on any one port, that port is
    still available.
    Conor, May 15, 2005
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  3. Brian

    Shep© Guest

    Is the USB 2.00 option enabled in the BIOS?
    Try here,
    http://www.usbman.com/Troubleshooter General.htm
    http://www.usbman.com/USB 2 News.htm

    HTH :)

    Free Windows/PC help,
    remove obvious to reply
    Free original songs to download and,"BURN" :O)
    Shep©, May 15, 2005
  4. Brian

    Brian Guest

    Okay, I looked at this (your?) site and RE-ENABLED USB Keyboard support. The
    printer is hooked to one of the two USB ports directly under the mouse and
    keyboard PS2 connectors, and it still shows up under the non-USB 2.0 ports.
    But the iPod is hooked to the other pair of USB connections and now it shows
    up under one of the six USB 2.0 ports:


    This is great, but why does it work? What's so magical about enabling USB
    keyboard support? I'm glad when things work, but uncomfortable when I don't
    understand why.

    I say "re-enabled" because I disabled those settings recently. Of course, at
    that time I was only using the USB pair under the PS2 connections.

    Thanks immensely, by the way.

    Brian, May 15, 2005
  5. Brian

    Boony Guest

    XP Service Pack 1 or earlier did not support USB 2.

    If you have installed Service Pack 2 since you have had the motherboard you
    need to delete the ports from the device manager.

    Either restart or refresh and Windows will find them and identify them as
    USB 2.

    Everything should work fine after that.

    Michael B
    Boony, May 16, 2005
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