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12th Int.Conf.on Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe 2007

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by Dirk Craeynest, May 1, 2007.

  1. -----------------------------------------------------------------------

    Call for Participation


    12th International Conference on
    Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe 2007

    25 - 29 June 2007, Geneva, Switzerland


    Organized, on behalf of Ada-Europe,
    by Ecole d'Ingénieurs de Genève
    in cooperation with ACM SIGAda

    *** Early registration discount until May 31 ***
    *** Advance Program in PDF available on conference web site ***


    Ada-Europe organises annual international conferences since the early
    80's. This is the 12th event in the Reliable Software Technologies
    series, previous ones being held at Montreux, Switzerland ('96),
    London, UK ('97), Uppsala, Sweden ('98), Santander, Spain ('99),
    Potsdam, Germany ('00), Leuven, Belgium ('01), Vienna, Austria ('02),
    Toulouse, France ('03), Palma de Mallorca, Spain ('04), York, UK ('05),
    and Porto, Portugal ('06).

    The 16-page Advance Program brochure with full information is available
    on the conference web site; both the AP and the web site contain the
    list of accepted papers and industrial presentations, as well as
    detailed descriptions of tutorials and keynote presentations. To
    download the AP, use the "Program" button on the conference home page
    and then the "Pdf Program" link.

    Direct URLs
    - Advance Program (large file, 535 Kb):
    - conference registration form (small file, updated version):
    - accommodation and travel information:

    Quick overview
    - Mon 25 & Fri 29: tutorials
    - Tue 26 - Thu 28: paper, industrial & vendor presentations, exhibition

    - published by Springer-Verlag
    - volume 4498 in Lecture Notes in Computer Science series (LNCS)
    - will be available at conference

    Program co-chairs
    - Nabil Abdennadher, University of Applied Sciences Geneva, Switzerland

    - Fabrice Kordon, University Pierre & Marie Curie, France

    Invited speakers
    - Klaus D. Mueller-Glaser, University of Karlsruhe, Germany,
    "Challenges for Reliable Software Design in Automotive
    Electronic Control Units"
    - Gerard Berry, Esterel Technologies, France,
    "Synchronous Techniques for Embedded Systems"
    - Ali Mili, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA,
    "Perspectives on Next Generation Software Engineering"
    - Liviu Iftode, Rutgers University, USA,
    "Observation Rooms for Program Execution Monitoring"

    Tutorials (full day)
    - "Security by Construction",
    Rod Chapman, Praxis HIS, UK
    - "Situational Method Engineering:
    Towards a Specific Method for each System Development Project",
    Jolita Ralyté, University of Geneva, Switzerland

    Tutorials (half day)
    - "An Overview of Model Driven Engineering",
    William Bail, The MITRE Corporation, USA
    - "Correctness by Construction:
    a UML2 Profile Enforcing the Ravenscar Computational Model",
    Tullio Vardanega, University of Padua, Italy
    - "Object-Oriented Programming in Ada 2005",
    Matthew Heaney, On2 Technologies, USA
    - "Verification and Validation for Reliable Software Systems",
    William Bail, The MITRE Corporation, USA
    - "Synchronous Design of Embedded Systems: the Esterel/Scade approach",
    Gerard Berry, Esterel Technologies, France
    - "Building Interoperable Distributed Applications with PolyORB",
    Thomas Quinot and Jérôme Hugues, AdaCore and ENST, France

    Papers and Presentations
    - 19 refereed technical papers on Ada 2005 and real-time systems,
    verification and validation, testing, MDA and applications, MDA and
    real-time, Ada 2005 general purpose programming, distributed systems
    - 9 industrial presentations, on current practice and challenges
    - authors from 11 countries: Australia, Austria, China, France,
    Germany, Italy, Republic of Korea, Spain, Tunisia, UK, and USA

    - 6 exhibitors already committed: AdaCore, Aonix, Ellidiss Software
    (TNI-Europe), Green Hills Software, Telelogic, and Praxis; others
    expressed interest
    - vendor presentation track for exhibitors

    Social evening events
    - Tuesday: visit of, and reception at, the building of the World
    Meteorological Organization (WMO, agency of the United Nations)
    - Wednesday: aperitif in the History of Sciences Museum; banquet
    at the restaurant La Perle du Lac close to the Leman Lake

    - early registration discount up to Thu May 31, 2007
    - additional discount for academia, Ada-Europe and ACM members
    - registration includes copy of printed proceedings at event
    - includes coffee breaks, lunches, social events
    - three day conference registration includes conference banquet
    - payment possible by bank transfer, check, or credit card

    Please note that we strongly advice all participants to book early,
    as June is a very busy period for hotels in Geneva. We negotiated
    specially reduced rates but you should book before 15th May 2007.

    For more info and latest updates see the conference web site at


    Our apologies if you receive multiple copies of this announcement.
    Please circulate widely.

    , Ada-Europe'2007 Publicity Co-chair

    *** 12th Intl.Conf.on Reliable Software Technologies - Ada-Europe'2007
    *** June 25-29, 2007 * Geneva, Switzerland * http://www.ada-europe.org
    Dirk Craeynest, May 1, 2007
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