1704FP, 1704FPT, 1704FPV???

Discussion in 'Dell' started by tonyg, Dec 10, 2004.

  1. tonyg

    tonyg Guest

    Got two of the 1704FPs early this year and liked them. Just ordered two of
    the 1704FPTs with two new 4700s LAST NIGHT. Now today they model has
    changed to 1704FPV! What gives? What the heck is the difference?

    If you're thinking of ordering one of these monitors on a system, FORGET IT,
    at least right now. They are $73.80 CHEAPER if you order them from the
    peripherals division! ($295.20 vs. $369). I also like the fact that Dell
    takes back their free, upgraded E173FP flat panel display and THEN charges
    you the FULL $369! (when I ordered last night I at least got $150 off the
    1704FPT) Tonight though, no lower price being offered in the peripherals
    division, not one penny of credit for the E173FP you just replaced! Which
    they are selling for $239! Take the damn E173FP, buy the monitor from
    peripherals for $74 less and then sell the E173FP for whatever you can get
    for it.

    Christ! The damn games one has to play with Dell! This is on the Small
    Business site BTW.

    Keep your eyes open on that web site!
    tonyg, Dec 10, 2004
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