2.3 million US Soldiers vs 11.7 million Iranian Soldiers = ARMY DRAFT

Discussion in 'Apple' started by, Nov 13, 2007.

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    2.3 million US Soldiers vs 11.7 million Iranian Soldiers = DRAFT

    The Truth Will Set You Free | November 12, 2007

    Some sobering advice from a fellow blogger at reigngame.com:

    Alright, I know 90% of you guys follow politics so you've undoubtably
    read and/or heard about the current Iran situation. I'd like to
    briefly talk about the figurative war with Iran. For the sake of
    discussion, let's begin with the questionably optimistic assumption
    that no major country would forcefully oppose (economically or
    militarily) full-scale US military operations in Iran. Nevermind
    Iran's 12% imports with Germany and 10% imports with China - I'm sure
    Germany and China's economies don't want Iran's money anyway, right?
    Nevermind the fact that Iran exports 2,836,000 barrels of oil per day
    to various nations that depend on that oil.

    We can all just ride bikes until the 2 month war is over! As to the
    Iranians themselves, I'm sure they're just dying (no pun intended) to
    be invaded, er, `liberated` by Americans, considering the `horrid` 70%
    approval rating of Ahmadinejad and the `devastating` $8,700 gross
    domestic product per capita (8.6% better than China). I'm sure we'll
    be "welcomed in the streets" after we "shock and awe" all important
    looking buildings to Jahannum and back.

    With a little help from the boys at GFP, I did some exploring into the
    military systems of America and Iran and what I found was
    alarming . . .

    2,369,239 US Soldiers vs 11,770,000 Iranian Soldiers = DRAFT
    The United States of America has 2.37 million soldiers capable of
    combat and available for mobilization. Let's compare with little ol'
    Iran! Iran has THE MOST military personnel available for combat in the
    entire world. In fact, Iran has more combat-ready military personnel
    than China and Russia combined. 11.7 million guerillas - Talk about
    hell. The bottom line is, America can't even handle Iraq. At one
    point, we thought we would rush in, smite some nubs with dirks and
    bubble hearth back home in time for American Idol. Not quite. And with
    Iran, reality is going to hurt a lot more.
    America is War Stomping on Artificial Ice Above the Pit of Sparta

    At the risk of loosing all my credibility, allow my concern to
    manifest itself in a less than mature way: Our economy is &%$#ed. We
    have a -862,300,000,000 dollar cash balance. That puts us LAST in the
    world for cash balance of our own currency. This is what people are
    talking about when they say deficit. But this is more than a deficit;
    this is an abandonment of the dollar. The conclusion? Changes. And not
    the type of changes 2Pac wanted. Big changes that will crash into the
    hull of the United States.
    Nerf Executive Branch

    America is tipping back way too far in her easy chair - something is
    about to happen. This upcoming 2008 election is extremely pivotal. I'm
    not going to name any candidates because this isn't that type of
    article. But let the point of this entire post clear: If you think
    times are boring, think again. If you think the future is predictable,
    think again. My advice to everyone who reads this is to be thoughtful,
    be skeptical, be wise. Learn, test what you learn and share it. The
    future of your family tree is in the balance.

, Nov 13, 2007
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    Irish Mike Guest

    Well bucko, you make it clear that America doesn't stand a chance against
    the wealth and power or Iran. As you point out, America's 2.3 M soldiers
    couldn't possibly defeat Iran's 11.7 M soldiers. Especially since we will
    no doubt be fighting hand to hand, man to man, with out an air force, bombs,
    missiles or armor. You should leave for Iran immediately, before they
    destroy America's military forces and domestic economy. However, you might
    want to steer clear of Israel on your way to Iran. They have only a tiny
    fraction of Iran's number of soldiers but the Israelis will be fighting for
    the survival of their country. The Israeli's will fight to the death and
    use every weapon they have, including nuclear.

    Irish Mike
    Irish Mike, Nov 13, 2007
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    croupe Guest

    I don't have the exact numbers, but I think that Iraq had somewhere
    around 11M troops the first time around and that seemed to work out OK
    for us. Not that I think invading Iran is a good idea - I think it's
    terrible given the ROI (in $ and image terms) we are getting over
    there right now, but don't think that manpower = military power.

    croupe, Nov 13, 2007

    KRJ Guest

    Laughing Out Loud...morons...you should reread your ilk's commentary
    before the First Gulf War....Iraq had a million man army, used to
    fighting in the desert, armed by the mighty Soviet military, toughened
    by years of war with Iran and internal rebellion. Our soldiers were
    lazy, highly paid pampered kids too dumb to get into college. I remember
    CBS doing a special on 60 minutes trying to stop the shooting war where
    expert after expert warned that our outnumbered troops would be chewed
    up and spit out including a Iraq ex-pat who warned that American would
    have to buy more body bags for its helpless children if we were so
    stupid as to challenge Iraq's mighty Soviet equipped Army....cough
    cough...choke choke

    11.7 million = 11.0 million guys looking for an excuse to throw down
    their rifles and get away from the torturers and rich officers who steal
    their food + 600000 committed torturers and corrupt officers who will
    put on women's clothing and look for a Saddam hole as soon as the
    shooting starts + 100000 brave committed idiots who will die badly at
    long range

    The only problem with Iran is the political will to lose in the West.
    Thankfully, Isreal will deal with these jumped up twats. And all that
    soot and particulate matter in the atmosphere will reflect the sun's
    rays and help solve global warming...a toofer.
    KRJ, Nov 13, 2007
  5. Wikipedia states that there are only about 27M people in Iraq. 11M
    troops sounds high.
    David Nicoson, Nov 13, 2007

    art_classmn Guest

    Forget Iran, the Iraq war should have equaled DRAFT.
    art_classmn, Nov 13, 2007

    Irish Mike Guest

    Well, let's hope all of the Iranian soldiers are like Amir Vehedi. He
    deserted from the Iranian army, during a shooting war, and blamed it on his

    Irish Mike
    Irish Mike, Nov 13, 2007
  8. By "I think" you mean "I just pulled this number out of my ass and I have
    no fucking clue what the real number is," right?
    A Man Beaten by Jacks, Nov 13, 2007

    Kurt Ullman Guest

    He might have, but the number is the one bounced around a lot. For

    Iraq army was a mile wide but an inch deep, especially by the time
    GWI started. While they had the elite units, most were conscript Shiite
    and Kurds who weren't exactly strong supporters of SH even before they
    were tossed out on the front lines with few provisions. Thus, they
    folded like cheap lawn furniture at the first opportunity.
    SH kept the good guys and those units made up people who might
    actually support him nearby more to keep them around for after GWI and
    help him squash any rabble rousers afterward because he knew the
    politics were such that he was personally safe.
    Now, whether or not Iran would have the same problems, I don't know.
    Kurt Ullman, Nov 13, 2007

    croupe Guest

    Actually I thought the number was 8M. The more I look around, the
    number 1M seems to be the most credible. Of course, no one really
    knows the real number and I've been wrong before. Good thing it only
    cost me a mild tongue lashing by AMBBJ and the three minutes it took
    me to read and reply to the post. I promise I will check the atlas
    the next time I post something on a poker group that requires
    population data .

    croupe, Nov 13, 2007

    GoForward Guest

    I just love (smack, smack) these big, brave he-men hiding behind
    monitors 6,000 miles away from the hell holes they wish to send our
    children to, so they can get off on the gore and mayhem that results.
    GoForward, Nov 14, 2007

    The New Guy Guest

    11 million? That means most of the males in the country are
    enlistable. Is this possible? Or have they got women involved too?
    Imagine putting women in all the non-combat areas so they could free
    up more men for the combat zones. Maybe 11mil is obtainable. Scary
    The New Guy, Nov 14, 2007

    Irish Mike Guest

    "they wish to send our children to, so they can get off on the gore and
    mayhem that results."

    Well bucko, you've got us there. None of us have ever been in a war or care
    any thing any thing about America or our kids. We just "get off" watching
    all that blood and gore on the evening news. Not to mention the insightful
    military strategy analysis by Geraldo Revera (sp?) who is one of my personal

    Irish Mike
    Irish Mike, Nov 14, 2007

    art_classmn Guest

    Look everyone, Irish Mike is repeating the tired old Republican "They
    probably won't even fight" line forwarded by Bush neocons before the
    Iraq War.

    Thousands of dead and tens of thousands of wounded Americans later and
    dumbfucks like Irish Idiot are still spewing this absolute horseshit.
    art_classmn, Nov 14, 2007

    KRJ Guest

    idiot did I say anything about going to war...sorry but your ideological
    bend apparently forces you to attribute views to people who don't parrot
    your foolish statements...I was merely mocking the pathetic attempt to
    argue against a war on the basis of a draft ...a false argument used to
    scare the stay at home safe and sound crowd you accuse everyone of being
    part of...I am opposed to any Iranian adventure simply because we won't
    do it right...the Isrealies will...and I love how you happen to believe
    you have a claim on free men and women who would volunteer to do a
    job..."our children" give me a break...they are self-selected heroes and
    heroines not likely to be the children of college professors, newsmen,
    corporate bigwigs, lawyers, college kids or politicians but usually the
    sons and daughters of middle and working class parents who often still
    value their national identity...you and the Hillaries don't yet own them
    so don't call them "ours"

    Now don't you have some ribbons to wear to show how much you care
    KRJ, Nov 14, 2007

    KRJ Guest

    Actually if you remember they didn't fight...the war was over with
    minimal of losses prolonged primarily by a sand storm...the problems
    begin with nation building...breaking something is very easy...putting
    it back together is hard...breaking Iran would be easy...fixing it would
    be nearly impossible...that's why the Isrealies should do the job they
    don't have a bunch of hand-wringing Hillaries sobbing on the sidelines
    demanding that we do in another country what we can't do in ours...make
    sure people don't self-destruct or commit crimes against one another
    KRJ, Nov 14, 2007

    Irish Mike Guest

    "Isrealies should do the job they
    don't have a bunch of hand-wringing Hillaries sobbing on the sidelines .."

    I agree with your assessment of the difficulty in fixing problems in a post
    war Iran. But you have totally mis-read Hillary, as do most people. She is
    no hand-wringing sob sister. She is a cold gutted bitch who will do any
    thing the political opinion polls tell her to do. If the polls shift toward
    compassion, Hillary would be out there like Mother Theresa. If she thought
    destroying Iran would get her elected and/or more political power, trust me
    bucko, the Iranians would be in a world of shit.

    Irish Mike
    Irish Mike, Nov 14, 2007
  18. Thats why the Iranians are making nuclear weapons too.
    Lord Turkey Cough, Nov 15, 2007

    Irish Mike Guest

    "Thats why the Iranians are making nuclear weapons too."

    That explains it all. The Iranians are building nuclear bombs because
    they're afraid Israel will invade them and take over their country.

    Irish Mike
    Irish Mike, Nov 15, 2007
  20. And you undoubtly know that you p[osted this to five (5) groups where
    it was off-topic, and eschewed posting to even a single group where
    it was on-topic.
    Fred the Red Shirt, Nov 15, 2007
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