2 Dead Dells in one day

Discussion in 'Dell' started by alien, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. alien

    alien Guest

    The 8400 XPhome desktop and the 1525 Vista notebook. The 8400 is about 3-4
    years old and the 1525 is 6 months old. The first to go was the 8400. I
    leave it running all the time and it gets little use since the notebook got
    here. A couple of days ago I went to look something up on the Internet and
    when I turned on the monitor there was a blue screen. Rebooting got me the
    same blue screen. Rebooting to safe mode didn't blue screen, but paused at
    one of the files that zip past when you're booting to safe mode, then
    frozen. Tried to boot with the XP disk, blue screen. The first error was
    ATI...something so I thought maybe it was my video card gone bad. No time
    to mess with this now, I'll just use the notebook.
    A couple of hours later we were going to watch some Netflix on the
    plasma using the 1525. Whatever I clicked on, start button, desktop icon,
    an error would come up in a small window that I'd never seen before about
    Windows Explorer needs to restart or something to that effect. The desktop
    would "reset" itself and click error, click error. This went on for a
    couple of minutes. Couldn't even shut down so I held the power button.
    That was the end of the 1525. Never could get it to restart even using the
    Vista disk. I did manage to get the diagnostics to run and it said disk
    drive failure. I can't remember the exact wording.
    Well, I didn't have a SATA external enclosure so I ordered one from
    Newegg. The $39 one that Journey posted about the other day made by
    Thermaltake. I thought maybe I could salvage some of the recent stuff that
    didn't get backed up. So I waited for UPS to show up. Newegg shipped fast
    as usual and just as fast I found out the drive is toast. I used my ancient
    HP laptop and my new enclosure and the 1525 drive (a Samsung) was hosed so
    bad it couldn't be read. The 8400 drive (Maxtor) could be read just fine.
    The enclosure takes 2.5" and 3.5" SATA drives.
    I'm running out of time so I'll wrap up quick. The 8400's problem
    turned out to be (by process of elimination) one of the memory sticks.
    Ordered 2 new 1 gig sticks from crucial.com for $45. Nice upgrade double
    the ram.
    The 1525 drive was ordered last night around 5pm CDT. Nice short call
    because I already had the error codes wrote down. Actually had a couple of
    digital pictures of the errors that I took with my camera. The new drive
    (with factory image) arrived this afternoon 17 hours after my first and only
    call to Dell support. Pretty darned impressive.

    alien, Jul 31, 2008
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