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2 VGA Monitors - but both show the same display

Discussion in 'Nvidia' started by alord, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. alord

    alord Guest

    I have a NVIDIA GeForce FX 5200 and two 19" LG TFT flatron monitors
    (with VGA not DVI inputs). One is plugged into the VGA socket on the
    video card, the other into the DVI socket via a DVI -> VGA adapter. I
    have the latest NVIDIA drivers, (V7.7.7.2 15-June-2005).

    Windows XP reports finding the dual monitor setup but each screen shows
    exactly the same display (even though display settings are set to Dual
    View and extend desktop onto this monitor).

    My belief is that the second screen is being presented on the digital
    portion of the DVI port but the analog portion is a copy of the display
    on the VGA port.

    Is the card faulty, and if not what do I need to do to see different
    views on each screen?

    Thanks in advance for any light you good folks can shed on this.

    Andy Lord.
    alord, Jun 25, 2005
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  2. alord

    twobirds Guest

    You haven't enabled dual view. You must do so before you can span your
    desktop across both monitors and not just have a cloned picture. Go to the
    nvidia tab of your "customize my desktop - settings - advanced" and you'll
    find a check box in there somewhere for enabling dual view. After a reboot,
    then you'll find an option to span your desktop across both monitors.
    twobirds, Jun 25, 2005
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