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2+yrs embedded professionals

Discussion in 'Embedded' started by vtech, Aug 3, 2004.

  1. vtech

    vtech Guest


    We are an 120 team Information Technology company, with offices in
    Bangalore and USA. Our competencies are in the areas of system
    software, multimedia and bpo. We follow ISO 9001 quality processes
    within the organisation.

    Our recruitment and staffing group works with SEI-CMM LEVEL 5
    companies in bangalore.
    We have been retained by one of our clients to identify and deploy
    software professionals with 2 - 6+ years of experience in

    1.RTOS\VxWorks embedded system software development & testing
    2. Telecom :
    SS7/ATM/Framerelay/ISDN/Switching/Routing Protocols and other related
    3. Wireless : GSM/CDMA and related technologies./Call
    4. Lotus Notes Professionals.
    5. Java and Java related Technologies.

    If this interests you, please send in your profiles to

    also let me know the following.
    1. current location. if you do not stay in bangalore, then are you
    willing to relocte to bangalore.
    2. what is the time you need to join the company.
    3. what is your current salary and expected salary.

    do let me know
    thanks & bye for now
    team vaishno
    vtech, Aug 3, 2004
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  2. vtech

    £¢$¥ Guest

    Dear Internet,
    Please spam this following address:

    Yes, please, of course. Bangalore is the place for me. How can I get a
    visa? I'll put my house on the market today and start my realigious
    conversion this weekend! I guess that I'll need to sell my Saab and buy one
    of those three-wheeled motorized tricycle things that I see everyone riding
    over there. What language do they speak in Bangalore?
    As soon as possible!! You see I'm an American engineer, but I'm not needed
    anymore since America has a service economy now and production and
    development of almost everything has been moved to China. My only secure
    employment options now are to get a job driving a fuel truck in Iraq for
    Haliburton, or apparently working in a high-tech sweatshop in India. Since
    my chances of getting decapitated are lower in India, my first choice would
    be to "head" to Bangalore.

    Well, my current salary in America is around $80K, but that's for 10+ years
    experience. What does this translate into in India in terms of a salary? I
    hope that I'm not being paid more than, say, the Prime Minister of India. I
    guess that I would like to be paid enough to at least not have to beg for
    food or rub elbows with those untouchables over there.
    Thanks Mr. Prasad. And thanks to Team Vishnu for this opportunity! Oops!
    I meant to say "Team Vaishno". Sorry!!
    £¢$¥, Aug 3, 2004
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