2400+ works with K7T Turbo R (MSI-6330 v3.0), BIOS 3.6

Discussion in 'MSI' started by fido, Jun 30, 2003.

  1. fido

    fido Guest

    also have a MSI-6330 V3 MOBO
    still running 1 GHZ AMD athlon
    wanna upgrade to a 2400 TB cuz i dont wanna buy a new MOBO and mem (3 sticks
    256 at 133 MHZ)
    like u told if it works fine why spent more money to buy another mobo or
    will keep in mind to lower the voltage.
    you convinced me i'll buy one tomorrow after upgrading my bios to 3.6
    costs about 90 euros (2400 +) here in europe.
    tnx for the info

    greets FIDO

    fido, Jun 30, 2003
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  2. fido

    neopolaris Guest

    Fix your clock
    neopolaris, Jul 1, 2003
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  3. fido

    jimmy Guest

    I put a T-Bred 2400+ ( 2.0 GHz) into my MSI Turbo Raid 6330 V3.0 with
    BIOS Version 3.6 . This is an Athlon T-Bred "B" manufactured in the
    4th week of 2003 (the code reads 0304). I picked up the CPU and an ECS
    motherboard for $89 at Fry's in Dallas/Irving, TX. I was too lazy to
    put in the new ECS motherboard so I decided to try the CPU in my old
    6330 K7T Turbo Raid V3.0 MSI board.
    I figured that the 15 times multiplier was there in the version 3.6
    BIOS, so I went ahead and tried the 2400+ and it has run fine for 3
    days now. On booting the system, the BIOS correctly recognizes the CPU
    as an Athlon 2400+.
    As a precaution, I undervolted the CPU Core votlage setting to the
    lowest setting of 1.45 Volts. The system is using PC133 memory and a
    Zalman Copper Flower CPU cooler with the fan set to the slowest speed.
    The CPU temperature is the same on idle as the AMD 1.2 GHz CPU that I
    replaced. SiSoft Sandra bench mark shows this CPU to run at
    approximately the same speed as a Pentium 2.4GHz proessor.
    I suppose that if someone had decent PC133 memory and an overclockable
    2400+ CPU and lots of cooling, they could overclock the bus to upwards
    of 166 speed and run the CPU at 2.5 GHz , which would be the
    equivalent of a 3200+. But that would need lots of cooling for the
    CPU. I have some cheap memory and I haven't run beyond PC133 speeds.

    I was only able to find that someone had precviously run this board
    with a 2200+ and thought someone would want to know that a 2400+ will
    jimmy, Jul 1, 2003
  4. fido

    jimmy Guest

    I had seen the "not safe above 1800+" information in other posts but I
    had also seen a post (possibly in MSI's website forum) where someone
    said that an MSI technical support person stated that they were
    running a 2000+ in their motherboard. And that might have been with
    the older Palmino 0.18 micron core. I had to wonder why the technical
    support people were not following their own advice, if in fact the
    information was true and accuate.
    I wonder if the "not safe" information is really the marketing
    department at MSI speaking through the engineering department. It's in
    the marketing department's best interest to tell people to spend more
    money to buy a new MSI motherboard even if they don't need a new
    If anyone has the information from the MSI engineering department that
    clarifies the "not safe" information, it would be interesting to see
    it applied to the new T-bred 0.13 micron processors at higher speeds
    than 1800+. The information from MSI regarding the 1800+ limit is
    vauge. We need more technical info. If MSI's engineers believe that
    running above 1800+ is "not safe", they would disable the multipliers
    in the BIOS in order to protect their customers and their reputation.

    jimmy, Jul 1, 2003
  5. fido

    Thexder Guest

    As an electrical engineer, I've deduced that you can run up until the
    current of the procesor meets that of the thunderbird 1400. I've
    compared the current and that makes it the equivalent of the XP 2200+.
    I've seen the posts warning against using the thorobred (sp?) cores,
    but I think it's a load of C#$*, since the current of the 2200+ and
    the thunderbird 1400 is exactly the same. Also the clock and the
    voltage of the k7t turbo support it. As for the posts regarding the
    trace widths of the power supply to the processor, if the currents of
    the xp and the thunderbird are the same the trace widths should be
    fine for either processor.
    Thexder, Jul 13, 2003
  6. fido

    Sept1967 Guest

    I was wondering about this. I am running a 1.3GHz Duron, which itself, is on
    the NO list for CPU's supported on my board.

    The MSI list goes up to AthlonXP 1800+

    How high (and which flavor) of Athlon XP is in the comfort zone for this
    motherboard. I would like to beef it up to XP strength. Thanks...

    Sept1967, Jul 14, 2003
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