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2400bps bbs user behind on times or; I just crawled out from a really big rock and saw all this neat

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Dick+Bush=Phucked, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. Ok, so I've got this really neat Tandy, and I was thinking about
    getting on-line, but I can't seem to find anyone who will work on it.
    I'm sure there are plenty of good parts out there.

    So I need to get a new computer the guy tells me. So I ask him what I
    neeed, and he said that I could get a very nice computer from Dell, or
    Gateway, Or Compaq/HP. Just make sure it had "Windows" because thats
    what everybodi uses these days.

    I said "Yep ever since they came out with flat glass" I"d never heard
    of Bill Gates before that day.

    So 3 hours and 1000 dollars later he had what he said was the "least
    oblosete" system on the market.

    it wasn't untill later i discovered that olnly lasted 1/100 of a

    please forgive the <sp> my meds are wearing off.

    Now about these new computers
    how much ram does a person really need? Is a gig overdoing it? Do I
    need three to keep up with progress? How much progress is there to be
    made when the processor melts it's way through the motherboard and the
    fancy plastic case and falls flaming and smoking to the floor. Yes
    I'm talking to the gamers out there. If it wasn't for you guys
    computers would never have come so far so damn fast.

    My point. What is this "Wall" I hear about? Is is a myth or is there
    just really an end to the Internet?

    Seriously, Today's processors the fastest are what 2.3 gigahertz,
    headed to 3.0? or is there a limit to how fast they can be made to go
    with current technology.
    I remember someone saying that it is the printed circut
    design/material that was the barrier.
    Now I understand a little about frequencies, and less about the finer
    points of modern innovation
    Are there certain frequencies you would optimally have matched for top
    performance, ie 400mhz ram/mb/processor components

    Really, I just want to know if yesterdays technology isn't so old,
    that up-gradeing isn't worth my time, if it ain't broke don't fix it.
    So what if it's a 33.6 dial up connection, if it's all I need for a
    couple of hours a night to try to piss somebody off,
    Dick+Bush=Phucked, Aug 10, 2004
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