2460 help - 2460 dead?

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by Jhask, Aug 28, 2003.

  1. Jhask

    Jhask Guest

    i have a 2460, i have already RMA'd one back in spring 2002 - i dont know if
    i got back a 'new' one or the same one fixed.
    anyway, long story short,
    i have had lots of problems on and off - blue screens, freezes, etc. A lot
    of it seemed to focus on the Memory.
    I recently was only able to run just One 256mb ECC 266 dimm (Micron brand,
    apparently not approved i know) module in my 2460. So I got a hold of the
    Memory vendor that originally sold my Ram (to the vendor i bought the memory
    from) ---- because ultimately i thought it was that my memory wasnt approved
    and was at the root of my problem. By the way, I am typing this on a
    Pentium 100 computer so please feel sorry for me.

    Anyway, just the other day I received 4 new MA Labs TYAN-approved 256mb
    memory modules. I was excited to be getting my 1 Gig of approved memory and
    all would be well.
    Well, I put it all in. I powered up and immediately got 4 beeps. it froze.
    i reset it and it did struggle thru part of the boot-up and only showed like
    404 mb of system memory or whatever and i knew it wasnt good and i think it
    froze again. i reset the computer a handful of times and it still wasnt
    starting right. I powered it down. Then i tried to power it on again and
    it was DEAD! just a flicker of lite on the front cover and NOTHIN'. And
    I did smell a tiny burning smell. BUT IT IS DEAD. This had never

    What could have happened? I put in these four MA LABS approved Dimms and
    thought i was good to go - did i shock the system or something? I talked to
    Tyan tech support yesterday and he said initially this issue is either with
    the PS or the Mobo.

    Here is most of what i got:

    Tiger S2460 mobo
    dual MP 1.2's
    550 Watt Antec PS
    Matrox 550 graphics card
    3 hard drives (2 IBM 75 gig, 1 40 gig West Dig)
    CDRW Yamaha
    ADS firewire card
    nic card (not sure if it is connected)
    dial-up modem
    WHAT HAVE I DONE? THANKS for any help - I AM ready to break this 2460 in
    Jhask, Aug 28, 2003
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  2. Jhask

    Tosser Guest

    Unplug from the wall. Remove the power connector from the PSU to the
    Motherboard. Examine motherboard connector. Any sign of burning/melting?
    Tosser, Aug 28, 2003
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  3. Jhask

    Jdh Guest

    This is me - the guy with the original post with an update.

    I took out all 4 Dimms and my computer powered up fine.
    I put 1 Dimm back in the computer and NOW THE COMPUTER IS RUNNING AGAIN. I
    have full video, etc.
    I do not understand what happened but I am still concerned.

    My best guess is that because I HAD 4 Double-sided Memory modules in
    there --- it could not 'handle' it and shut down????

    What is the deal with TYAN - why on earth would they put these MA LABS 256
    mb dimms on the APPROVED list BUT not tell you that you can only put 3 of
    them MAXIMUM in your computer????

    Is this not true??? If these are double-sided memory modules, am i not
    limited to just 3?? AND if i did smell some kind of burning smell, is it
    still possible that there is some damage some where that i need to address?
    Please offer your input . Thanks,
    Jdh, Aug 29, 2003
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