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2500XP Barton system heating

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by hrtbreak, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. hrtbreak

    hrtbreak Guest

    I have an Athlon 2500XP Barton, ATI 9500, 512 MB Kingston HyperX PC3200 (one
    bank), MSI K7N2 NForce2 MB, a 60GB and a 120GB IBM/Hitachi's. I was running
    the FSB at 200MHz and the memory at 7-2-2-2 with very stable performance.
    I'm not really trying to OC the cpu at this point. I have the stock CPU and
    NB fans, one 80mm fan blowing into the case from the side and another
    exhausting the case at the rear. I was getting cpu and system temperatures
    at less than 100 degrees F/38 degree C with this combination. Then it

    A sheet of paper fell down beside the case and was pulled against the intake
    of the side case fan. I first noticed cpu temperatures in the 130 degree
    F/55 degree C range, but I'm not sure how long the blockage was there. I
    replaced the cheap, damaged side fan with an Antec BB. Now I have system
    temperatures as before, but cpu temperatures run 110 F/44 C to 122 F/50 C
    regularly in normal use. I removed the side panels from the case, but got
    about the same temperatures. Worse, I had to de-tune the memory to
    8-3-3-2.5 to get it to reboot at all. I'm also only able to keep the
    temperatures at this level by running the FSB at 133 MHz. What's going on?
    hrtbreak, Dec 19, 2003
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  2. hrtbreak

    Graeme Ellis Guest

    My guessis that the initial overheat has damaged the phase change pad on the
    bottom of the stock heatsink, so your not getting a proper heat transfer
    from the die to the HS. Remove the heatsink and check this and repalce with
    some more or equiv. I do believe this may void AMD's warranty.
    Graeme Ellis, Dec 20, 2003
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  3. hrtbreak

    hrtbreak Guest

    How much heat would it take to damage the pad? Does the material offgas and
    form vapor pockets or something? I have a silver-based compound which I
    could replace it with, which I believe is on AMD's approved heat transfer
    compound list.
    hrtbreak, Dec 20, 2003
  4. hrtbreak

    Graeme Ellis Guest

    Not sure how much heat it would take. Just that the time this happened to a
    Duron in a friend's PC. The PC was locking up.
    After a while it would not boot with the diagnostic LEDs stating CPU
    problem. When I removed the HS to reseat the CPU
    there was a hole right to the HS base through the material on the HS. Since
    the die on the CPU was not making proper contact with the HS
    the heat was not being transfered properly to it. The CPU overheated and
    eventually the CPU gave up the ghost. It was RMA'd and replaced.
    After all he was using the proper HS and it was installed by the PC builder.

    Your problem sounded similar, except the paper part. I would remove the HS
    and check the HS to make sure something is on it and replace it if
    necessary. Or you could try another chip like a duron or low end TB to see
    if something else is a miss.
    Graeme Ellis, Dec 20, 2003
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