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26 pin zif socket replacement

Discussion in 'Laptops' started by rye chip, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. rye chip

    rye chip Guest


    I want to fix my mobo's zif for keyboard.Really hope I didn't run int
    another dead end forum.Really really hope I don't just get a "mob
    replacement" "you need the right equipment" reply.Besides the obviou
    zif socket missing,mobo is perfectly fine.I know I need certai
    equipment,can someone tell me what that is?...please

    I know their is a site somewhere that sells zif sockets in bulk,how els
    could these pc companies do repairs?I'm still looking around for one
    This one is almost exac
    http://www.laptopparts expert.com/i-5087815-keyboard-connector.htm

    laptopparts expert.com/i-5087815-keyboard-connector.htm
    Doesn't say # of pins but its in same line model,aspire.Might call
    talk to them to find it

    I can't believe how hard it is to find detailed motherboard repai
    guides on the internet.All I find is very simple stuff lik
    cpu,hdd,mobo,ram,& screen replacement etc,applying thermal,reflow,
    reballing.Yes the last 3 might be hard for most doing it the firs
    time.The others are pretty straight fwd
    Why is it so hard to find more technical guides

    Sorry pic isn't HD.No dots are touching each other.I got a circut write
    pen to do fill ins
    rye chip, Oct 3, 2012
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  2. rye chip

    rb Guest

    Welcome to the forum!
    I'll try to answer your questions as best I can. :)

    While it is possible to repair circuit boards, it's not a commo
    practice nowadays for the average person, for a variety of reason
    (miniaturization, lack of easily available 'individual' parts...e.g.
    capacitors, jacks, sockets, etc), thus the lack of info on parts an
    repair guides, on the net. I normally don't repair boards, but have fro
    time to time if I happen to have a compatible dead desktop or noteboo
    mainboard 'in stock' to cannibalize for parts. For new parts, search th
    web...laptopparts looks like a good find...definitely email or call the
    to verify part is correct.

    But as for the "right equipment", you need a 'Temperature Controlle
    Soldering Station' and a 'Heated Solder Sucker' to properly remove an
    solder the delicate leads and to prevent carbonizing the resin in th
    circuit board. Weller and Hakko are among the best, but are pricey
    Unless your going into business, inexpensive units from Apoge
    (Radioshack too) should suit your needs (have the most common solderin
    tips too... pen, conical, chisel, spade):
    ~$25 www.apogeekits.com/soldering_station.htm
    ~$10 www.apogeekits.com/heated_solder_sucker_vtdesol3.ht
    rb, Oct 4, 2012
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  3. It might be worth looking here:

    Read the comments for a good range of options. ChipQuick seems
    to be the most popular removal method and although I've never
    tried it I know the stuff is sold in some electronics stores,
    might be a bit pricy though.

    As for soldering on the new component, a bit of searching should
    turn up many guides to SMD soldering and plenty of videos on
    YouTube. Of course you'd better have a bit of soldering
    experience and preferably a temperature controlled soldering
    iron before going into something like this.
    Computer Nerd Kev, Oct 8, 2012
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