2882 opteron - SMDC card

Discussion in 'Tyan' started by keith poirier, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. anyone out there use the IPMI card (SMDC) with the Tyan 2882 with
    opteron processors?

    Details on how you access it?


    keith poirier, Jan 28, 2004
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  2. keith poirier

    IronChicken Guest

    I have the same config as you, and I have come to a brick wall. Here's
    what I have done so far:

    1. install SMDC
    2. Make sure the 100meg onboard nic is enabled, and that you have
    network connectivity.
    2. Choose a (separate) windows box which you will use for monitoring
    3. install latest java runtime
    4. install Tyan TSO Management Server
    5. install Tyan TSO Console
    6. create a DOS bootable floppy (!), www.bootdisk.com is useful if you
    don't have one handy. Copy util.exe onto it, should be with SMDC
    firmware stuff, if you can't find it go to to
    and you will find one there.
    7. Boot your beatiful and expensive dual opteron server to DOS, and
    run util.exe. Set up your Ip address and gateway. You can also set MAC
    address but I didn't bother. No need to reboot your SMDC card should
    now be visible to the TSO console.
    8. Start the TSO console. Enter '', Administrator uname and
    passwd to log into the management server.
    9. The console should then open a window; your server should appear in
    the 'out of band' server group in the left pane. If not add it by
    hand. Double click on the icon.
    10. this is where I'm at - a login page - but what are you supposed to
    put in there??? I can find no reference to the SMDC's default password
    setting, or how to change it without successfully logging in.

    Any help from here on in would be great - so near and yet so far

    IronChicken, Feb 7, 2004
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  3. keith poirier

    Jim Page Guest

    Ok I have got a bit further. Grasping at straws I set up the MAC address
    field in the SMDC, and the TSO software finally logged me in. However my
    eagerness was short lived; console redirection doesn't work, or for that
    matter any of the power functions, despite the management software returning
    a 'command successful' status on the status bar. I'm beginning to suspect
    SMDC firmware; there is an empty '2880' directory in the firmware dir on
    their ftp server :( Have they even written it yet?? The motherboard BIOS
    must be ok; I am using 1.01 which in the release notes includes 'SMDC
    support', and the BIOS utility allows me to select SMDC in 'remote access';
    and the SMDC uses the lan port ok. Incidentally, the 'read-only' options (ie
    data read from the SMDC card) seems to work fine.

    I will fire off another mail to tyan.

    Jim Page, Feb 7, 2004
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