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3000+ Barton on Chaintech 7NJL6

Discussion in 'AMD Overclocking' started by plumface2002, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. plumface2002

    plumface2002 Guest

    hey all, my first post here, but everyone around here seems to be rea
    helpful so i was gonna see if anybody could lend me a hand :

    Well my problem is... i built my own pc, specs are as follow

    AMD 3000+ Barton
    Chaintech 7NJL
    BFG Geforce 6800gt oc
    1.5gb ram Ultra brand running in dual channe
    don't remember the brand of psu it came highly rated off of neweg
    A cheap cpu fan that came with my barebones kit off tiger direct

    can't think of anything else important lol..

    so when i first put together my system i had to go through a plethor
    of problems like you wouldn't belive just to get a post (turns out i
    was a bad battery). Then when it dectes the processer as a 1300+
    runing at only 1.

    so in the bios i go to the freq. page and have it load optima
    settings and it changes the FSB to 166, where it was at 200.

    I reboot works great everything seems to be in order. Dected th
    processor right and windows says its running at the correct speed
    Odd thing is though, it dosent seem any faster in the least.

    So i shrug it off, and after a few days of breaking it in go to ove
    clock it. Now in the 7NJL6 bios it has some built in overclockin
    settings. Optimal, Agressive, Turbo, and Expert. Expert being wher
    you adjust everything on your own. So i turn it up a notch t
    Agressive to see what happens. System boots gets to windows the
    while loading up my starting programs or even while its sitll on th
    windows boot screen i get a BSOD
    sometimes it points the crash to the file adapti.sys but othe
    times not. if i reboot set the fsb back to 166 it will work fine. I
    talkign about even a 1mz change in the FSB will cause this problem.

    So any suggestions? I don't think its a cooling issue, correct me i
    im wrong, but if a cpu overheats dosent the mobo shut down
    completely un-windows related?

    I also get low scores in benchmarks for my cpu. Between when window
    said it was running and 1.3 and now i have not noticed a diffrence i
    the speed at all. I get some artifacts at random points in some game
    and this is not because of the video card bc its at very cool temp
    65 or below

    ANY suggestions would be fantastic

    sorry for the long post, peace
    plumface2002, Oct 16, 2005
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  2. plumface2002

    Wes Newell Guest

    There are some very good cheap CPU coolers, and then there are some
    very bad cheap CPU coolers. So this might be a problem. A make/model would
    help determine what you have.
    The FSB was at 100MHz. If it were at 200, then the cpu would have been
    runinng at 2600MHz. See The Real Front Side Bus in link in sig line.
    I run my A64 at 800MHz most of the time using powernow. For most general
    usage, I can't tell the difference either. That's normal.
    Could be cooling, and it could be you just don't know what you're doing.
    More likely the latter, or a combo of both. You need to choose Expert
    mode to overclock and then you need to know what to change depending on
    the hardware you have. There's not a lot of headroom to overclock with a
    3000+/333. It runs at 2166MHz (13x166) at it's default speed, so if I were
    you, I'd leave it alone. The extra 200MHz or so you can get out of this
    cpu just isn't worth the trouble. if you needed something faster than this
    for games you should have gone to socket 754 or 939. even the slowest
    Athlon 64 (2800+ 754) is faster than the socket A 3000+, and it will
    overclock a lot more.
    Wes Newell, Oct 16, 2005
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